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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:28

Disabled Scouts in the Yenimahalle

Disabled Scouts in the Yenimahalle
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Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar , Center met with the Association of Friends of the Road transport services from the Capital as a guest Rainbow Club Disabled Scouts scouts .

Ankara news: The club members found that people with disabilities of all ages from 70 to scout Photo 7 , after serving in the Mausoleum visit Yenimahalle Municipality Indoor Marketplace and Social Facilities visited the Youth Center . Watch the demonstration of the Disabled Scouts , accompanied by clapping to the song that Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar , \"Unfortunately, looking at the Turkish nation pity to the general disabled citizens . But we're all potential blocking. Whose which minutes would not know it would be included in which disability groups . The right to life of persons with disabilities in the social state, healthy individuals equal right to life , \"he said .
since he came to office, Yasar President disabled citizens who said they signed to work to make their lives easier , gave the good news that they will give to Yenimahalleli Blocked Hope House during this period. Rainbow Disabled Scouts Club stating that they remove Photo Barriers izcilikl to the instructor and scout leader Bedriye Yılmaz , \"disability get a little bit by giving to the community we are working them to rescue from confined to home . we provide them to find a place for themselves in the social life . Today, by hosting us , lent their support Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar handicapped scouts and I thank the parents on behalf of''he said .
day Yenimahalle Municipality Youth Center facilities benefit from the scouts , air hockey , billiards, pinball , their heart one day spent playing PlayStation .


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