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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:03

Disadvantaged young people from JHLC Support

Disadvantaged young people from JHLC Support
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Under the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Credit and Dormitories Institution ( KJC ) ,'disadvantaged', known as'priority students'named as the group continues to support young people involved .

Ankara news: Youth and Sports under the Ministry of Credit and Dormitories Institution ( KJC ) ,'disadvantaged', known as'priority students'named as the group of young people involved in to support continues.
Turkey's future will be directed to young people in every sense of the the best way in order to train the Ministry of Youth and Sports , KJC , as well as the services provided in the dormitories that provide students with scholarships and loans to support the youth continues. The figures are examined in 2002 and 2014 between the scholarships and loans in amounts so 567 percent increase is conspicuous .
The same year, among KJC priority to students her total scholarship amount of 326 million 108 thousand TL while 42 thousand 217 students of these payments benefit is seen. KJC's'priority students'accommodation sees the full support of the state about . In this context thousand 628 killed boy , 14 thousand 184 veterans children , 5 thousand 835 orphanages students , 54 thousand 56 Turkey scholarships as well as financial necessity which is in 83 thousand 805 students have free housing on the benefit . When the data were analyzed separately , since 2002 a total of 159 thousand 508 students seem to enjoy the right of free housing .
Youth and Sports Minister Akif Chagatay Sword, which in the exercise of the ministry not only sports ,'youth'on important projects implemented , he said. \"Our mission , our young people only to courses enables students to focus ,\"said Minister Sword on the subject, the assessment found:
\"We, the young brothers and sisters housing, scholarships and other similar subjects head to put on their do not want . State all of our opportunities for them mobilize , just focus on studies can setting for a team with our work day and night . Our services are obvious. however, they do not see enough . both of their more beautiful environment education in their lives in order to work on behalf of both families'heads for the comfort of our facilities until the end of'll use . Our students scholarships , housing and similar issues in all whenever they want and the KJC officials as well as our ministry employees have access to . directly contact me wanting my brothers personal web address that''would they wish on any subject can write . Teenagers our door is always open . \"

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