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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 12:44

Disadvantaged Youth Opportunities Courses

Disadvantaged Youth Opportunities Courses
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Manisa signed between the National Department of Education Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sport and the socio-economic situation of protocols to create equal opportunities for young people who are poor and will be launched to support the development of courses .

Manisa news: Prepared protocol Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas authorities signed with the participation of two corporate directors .
Manisa Education Director Mustafa Altınsoy Manisa Youth and Sports Provincial Director of War Smoke from a protocol for cooperation for courses for young people between the two institutions Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas then signed with the authorities. makes a statement about the scope of a Photo protocol before the protocol Manisa Youth and Sports Provincial Director of War Smoke, \"We signed a protocol on the National Education Directorate of Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate of free training course will be aimed at young people between . this courses wood painting offered by us in our ministry as a model outside of our sporting activities , guitar, binding course , crafts, marbling will include activities such as art . in this area of ​​national education to enable them to join us in our instructors have educated themselves courses we demand our Education Department. sağolsun in this regard Education Director, Mr. Mustafa Altınsoy gave us support each subject so far . Dear governor , they also withhold support on this issue. This will reinforce writing a protocol here . Both will be social and cultural events. Our sports in our work we can use our coach but we need to perform as well as folk out our other educational training . We are signing this protocol for that , \"he said . The
Ministry of Education and the Provincial National Education Directorate of the People's noted that they continue their formal education activities through training Manisa Provincial Education Director Mustafa Altınsoy, \"People have many modules of the training . We as public education philosophy'education everywhere to everyone'We carry out its philosophy. Through public education modules that have requested our In this context, the Provincial Directorate of Sports and Public Education and was requested to use the opportunity to run courses on each side of our Manisa. We have to increase further the already many of our existing courses , develop, youth sports development, in order to contribute to the cultural development get auspicious auspicious making this protocol , \"he said .
Manisa Directorate of Education Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate who wish to be beneficial cooperation the Governor Bektas said:
\"relates to education, which is directly related to the education of our children, our youth institutions responsible for the Ministry of National Education . Youth , sports and other training as a special unit was created on , you know it is operating since several years the Ministry of Youth and Sports . Become an expert in education by the Ministry of Education needs to make cooperation in these two provinces sand. This is a protocol that determines the basis of this cooperation. Olsun. \"The first stage in 75th year as part of a Photo Made protocol , Princes , Ahmetli Saruhanlı, Turgutlu, Salihli, Akhisar and Kula courses if there enough demand in Youth Centers will be opened . 12 trainees of the fees will work educators in would be enough courses to be People will be borne by the Training Centers .
Protocol , especially with the participation of disadvantaged young people unable to attend the course at their own expense is expected to reach the goal , literally.


Disadvantaged Youth Opportunities Courses" comments for.


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