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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:11

Discount on the 7th floor inspection Criminal

Discount on the 7th floor inspection Criminal
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Law means big discounts bag came in the inspection delay penalty .

Bursa news: Photo editing is known as bag in public law published in the Official Gazette dated 11 September 2014 entered into force . Vehicle inspection late fees are calculated as a discount day December 31, 2014 until the end of business hours , motor vehicle tax , traffic fines , late payment penalties and interest of highway bridge also re-structured according to this law. For this configuration, if the deadline was announced was 1 December , 2014. In a statement from the Photo Tüvtürk , \"for the realization of a vehicle can be inspected and used sales MTV, traffic fines and should not be toll debt. Failed to make the examination for a long time means owners last until the end of vehicle inspection , traffic fines and should not miss the motor vehicle tax delay discount opportunities. a car delayed a year 100 pounds instead of 18 pounds will pay . 4 years overdue for a minibus 400 pounds instead of 50 pounds , the truck 535 pounds instead of 68 pounds , tractor 203 pounds instead of 25 pounds will pay . 10 years overdue for a minibus 991 pounds instead of 120 pounds , bus/truck a thousand 340 pounds instead of 169 pounds will pay . for 10 years to get rid of debt by paying a tractor 510 pounds instead of 62 pounds was taking the examination. But the sample numbers given that is calculated approximately. differences may occur by month delay for each vehicle , \"he said .
Officials asked for detailed information 444 0 189 site of line to be searched.

Discount on the 7th floor inspection Criminal" comments for.


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