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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:19

Discussion Town Square in Eskişehir

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AK Party Deputy Ulker Eskişehir , Eskişehir Mayor Prof.

Eskişehir news: Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen responded to the statement made the previous day about the current stadium land . Photo deputy Canan , President Büyükerşen , about Atatürk Sports Hall area on land , September 15, 2009 signed , arguing that even reading the council decision taken \"befitting its uses Mayor about my Büyükerşen description, the age of the statements such as poor and I do not answer political morality to homage . it is next to it is a sports facility on the subject areas mentioned for many years known all our Eskişehir fellowman. statements of the council decision in 2009 , defined as a residential area , court records to be processed in this statement. in the lawsuit filed by the Youth and Sports General Directorate , Eskişehir 2. Administrative Court 2011/787 actual decision to annul the determination of the residential area in question in the 2011/1589 No. decided. Available development plans in this region referred to as the urban sports , 1/25 has been canceled because the grand master development plan amendments constitute a contravention of the law, \"he said .
Court of storage from the public this decision , not ignorant to ignore this fact , conscious in a way that expresses deputy country is deceiving the public Campbell, said:Photo \"TOKI'< strong> tHE HEREIN SAVING is FINISHED \"Photo \"currently ongoing stadium construction, the Turkish World Capital of Culture Agency TOKI is a stadium which was built by paying the money. Yılmaz Büyükerşen , but can build dreams for this city Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor of such concern , unfortunately never happened so far . Today, the'Square we do'statements as to create the so-called public opinion when he asks for zoning modification TOKI answer,'take place by paying the costs of the stadium'concept would be taken seriously as today . Today ,'tear down the stadium area so give'words even show that you actually get to talk she discussed yet what we have been considering the best interests of the city and the cost of the stadium area before there urbanization paying the Turkish World Agency we have now . AK Party in parliament on September 12, 2013 was declared as the square of the stadium land with the support of our group had already decided to buy land in the Turkish World Capital of Culture Agency. So nobody should think we saved by declaring in parliament square from the area , we rent here . Stadium has paid for its land conservation agencies and TOKI is finished here . Talk today unwilling to pay a price for that matter, nomads is to cut the victim's back. \"Photo \"< strong> We will OPEN to STADIUM PLACE the CONSTRUCTIONS \"Photo Life , then transferring what they say the same thing today that they say day , \"will open to replace the current stadium construction , there will not allow concrete in any way , making a work area that can be used as required by our countrymen will be Eskişehir Eskişehir . If after this time is to be taken seriously asking the fate of Eskişehir-fold increase will be held in 14 districts , asking for money sent by the ministry for urban regeneration areas.'I have a small partnership'for school work as well as I GE asks the change in land zoning . We give you the hassle of visiting them and told us we ask them door to door is verdiriy Eskişehir . This would weaken the city's true that politics also trying to throw mud aside , we fret work done in the eyes of the nation, \"he said .

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