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  • 29 Ekim 2012, Pazartesi 00:08

Displayed in pilgrimage air from moment to moment!

Displayed in pilgrimage air from moment to moment!
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Muslims to perform Haj, who flock to the places with the holy zeal displayed in the air.

Kabe 's circumambulating around the vents, around the fire, which is reminiscent of the believers. Hajj fariza running to fulfill the holy towns neşvesi believers worship in the sky appeared.

especially Mina the pilgrims in the Holy Land , are concentrated. Satan was reflected in the cameras images satirizing the crowd.

Arafat and Muzdalifa 's stoning of the devil, then a flood of people flowed. 20 thousand buses brought pilgrims in Mina-Muzdalifa-Arafat.

Holy Land that nearly 3 million pilgrims perform Haj security, security guard 60 thousand and 3 thousand 500 units allows the camera. 600 of these cameras in and around the Kaaba ...

images provided by the cameras are monitored from a central bulunuluyor immediate intervention in the event of any difficulties.

Displayed in pilgrimage air from moment to moment!" comments for.


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