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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:17

District Chairman of AK Party Announces Candidate

District Chairman of AK Party Announces Candidate
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AK Party Samsun Provincial President Fuat Köktaş, provincial chairman of the AK Party has announced candidates in the district by making a disclosure under the Ordinary Congress process.

Samsun news: Photo Provincial Directorate of Provincial President of the statement made at the meeting hall Köktaş, starting the congressional districts of the Ayvacık on November 3 , Asarcık in will end on November 23 , said they also perform the provincial congress in February. Photo AK Party, Turkey with power'the President stating that eliminates the tutelage Köktaş, \"Shock is thing of the past , the decline cycle is finished . Today there do with the stability of the true journey to Turkey is a big target with national will legitimacy . our country has revealed a significant jump in 12 years.'nothing now old in Turkey be the same and henceforth , to serve Turkey lovesick people wade to work'established in August 14, 2001 with the understanding of the AK Parti'yle very nice work , was signed to the service. he never bend forward with our heads for over 13 years , every step we take , thankfully, we are saying every word , we have to account for everything we do with honor . Today 5. We walked ordinary congress on our right in this understanding to this honorable and proud unity and solidarity with our organization in excitement , \"he said .
AK Party not only in Turkey , underlines that a political party with the largest organizations in the world the President and stated , \"The AK Party 13 years providing Turkey's political and economic stability , 3 general election in 12 years , 3 local elections , two referendums , and finally the presidential elections from arguably the clear Taking first has gained the support of the nation. This success has been in the AK Party cadres complacency dispatch was the first day that our country in night and day working towards serving a excitedly nation more than excited endeavor to closer to 2023 , after which it will continue to be , \"he said . Photo 5. ANNUAL CONGRESS DEK dISTRICT cANDIDATES ANNOUNCED President explaining the district president of the Congress will be the only candidate in the Photo Köktaş, \"5 . The first and most important stage of our process Ordinary Congress , intra-party democracy and integration with our neighborhood we have completed your selections , which is the most important election delegate . Our selection of delegates with a fair understanding of our party and our society that embraces every segment of our Charter and the principles and criteria set forth in our Regulation is made considering . Delegates from our choice of our country again , our city , our county , and I hope to be auspicious auspicious for our party. Delegates then our choice if we're going to perform in accordance with the schedule set out in our November congressional districts . Our Congress , to reach the ambitious goals of our new Turkey and Turkey's new Constitution is the source of our cherished nation will which brought together the essential needs . Our Congress, the 2015 elections to the saints during this period we prepared our nation will again force the refresh of our party and our organization , renewal , strength gain , 2023 , 2053, is the source of reaching the 2071 target will . In this sense, District 3 of our convention will begin on Monday, November Ayvacık'l to Asarcık'l will end on Sunday, November 23 , also in February, but then we realized our provincial congress . 5. As is known, the only candidates decided to go to the convention establishing a management structure that will embrace all organizations in each city and county in accordance with decisions taken by our General Ordinary Congress Centre has been taken . As in every province of Samsun in accordance with this decision , our Vice President of the Organization , Regional Coordinator and the Provincial Coordinator Hasan Karal's Flame Dedegil , consultation meetings that have made our organization has been formed as a result of convictions . In line with these conclusions Organization by President Süleyman Soylu, we will continue in Samsun district heads have been reported to us. May 19 District President Irfan Kalaycı , Spruce District President Ali Şengül, Asarcık District President Hami King, Atakum District President Omer Faruk Sahin, Ayvacık District President Kadir Kizilkum , the Bafra District Chairman Tuncay Yurduseven Wednesday, District President Halit Dogan, Poplar District President Bülent Yuksel, Ladik district Chairman Fikret beginning, Salıpazarı District President Yücel Kaya, Tekkeköy District President Yusuf Gungor, Terme District President Ali Kilic, Chairman Halil İbrahim Doğan Vezirköprü District . Yakakent task left for county chairman , who also instead of our Presidency , we continue our expedition Youth Wing One brother . Current district because of my party chairman Mehmet Gençoğlu brother thank you very much on behalf of myself and my services . Ilkadim District Chairman Adnan existing , Canik President Yilmaz Hocaoğlu are our brother also left the mission district president. Our consultations regarding our This district is continuing. Our district headquarters basin will be taken next week to complete the assessment for a new election of delegates , \"he said .


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