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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:30

District Police Chief Housing Lid:\"Every Time We stand by our Veterans \"

District Police Chief Housing Lid:\
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Tekirdağ Cover Housing District Police Chief Mehmet Ali , said they are always near the veterans .

Tekirdağ news: Cover Photo District Police Chief Mehmet Ali Housing , Turkey , visited the Association of Combatant Veterans Cerkezkoy Bureau. He Housing responsive teşekkürle veterans showing strong interest , \"God bless, Turkey Combatant Veterans Association Cerkezkoy Representative Hassan Hussein had visited us recently that Yarlıg . We have also arrived from Çanakkale martyrs of the land , and now we will continue our services in Kapakli . Always killed their relatives and we stand by our veterans . We are ready to do always what if our best when there is any shortage , \"he said . during a Photo visit to Turkey Combatant veterans Association Cerkezkoy describing the Representation of the activities Hasan Hüseyin Yarlıg said,\"We are honored by performing visits to Cover our Town Police Chief Mehmet I would like to thank all the veterans on behalf of my colleagues Ali housing . Cover and currently have 31 veterans in Cyprus village , 3 one of our veterans and domestic security , our family has also witnessed six of them, \"he said.

District Police Chief Housing Lid:\"Every Time We stand by our Veterans \"" comments for.


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