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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:43

Diyanet-Sen 3.Olag of Erzincan Branch General Meeting was Held

Diyanet-Sen 3.Olag of Erzincan Branch General Meeting was Held
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Diyanet-Sen Erzincan Branch 3. Annual General General Meeting was held .

Erzincan news: The current president Zakir Stars re-elected president . Photo Religious-Sen Erzincan Branch 3. Ordinary General Assembly of trust refreshes the current president Zakir Stars read that Al-Aqsa Mosque poetry with the audience emotional moments yaşattı.erzinc A congress held in the Tower Restaurant AK Party provincial chairman Burhan Cakir, the AK Party's Central District Chairman of Danube Sun , Officer you Provincial President of Basic Flower, Mufti Yavuz Karabayir , Education Bir-Sen Erzincan Branch Nabi Gul , TOC Bir-Sen Chairman Erzincan Branch Orhan Almacı , Association News-S Erzincan President of the Provincial Mustafa cuddly , Erzincan flourishing Officer Sen Provincial Chairman Bilal Selcuk, ERİHMED Board Member Hasan Cakmak , Istanbul Old Mufti Mustafa Ucar, Officer you Erzincan Founding President of Vehbi abroad , Transport Officer you Erzincan Provincial Chairman Süleyman Diyanet-with Lavandula you joined Erzincan Branch Delegates . Photo congressional silence held in Erzincan Tower Restaurant and the mosque after the reading of the National Anthem Kebir mosque Imam orator hafiz Adam after KOCATÜRK read that Koran Quran recitation was passed to the determination of the board sofa . Photo created Council Committee on the bids submitted and presiding Officer-Sen provincial president of the Basic Flower, Education Bir-Sen Erzincan Branch Chairman Nabi Gul and Preaching Mehmet Aydogan seçildi.div the President of the Officer-Sen provincial representatives Basic Floral hope it to be beneficial and auspicious congress Aqsa Mosque sanctity of touched . Photo Religious-sen reaffirming confidence in selecting the presidency again in congress Zakir stars in his greeting speech, the late founder Akif Believe'\"I'm Looking for the Masjid al-Aqsa \"poem by başladı.yıldız of the union in his speech mosques and allocate staff to Koran courses in making said the emergence of organizational law is effective in correcting and that the salary plays a very big role. Photo selections made result Zakir reaffirming confidence by taking all of the game's 87 delegates voting than 107 delegates stars management Zakir President in the setup list stars, Rashad Kocatürk, Feyzullahin mites Adam Kocatürk, Kenan sun and clouds Aaron took place . Disciplinary Board ; Day Kazim , Abdullah Snow, Huseyin Mutlu Supervisory Board ; Kurt ahmet , Conqueror Bounce and Hussein cihan.genelmerkez delegate to the Executive Committee ; Zakir Stars , Hasan Soğukpınar selected. President Zakir Stars , who thanked the current board of the delegates and members of the task again .


Diyanet-Sen 3.Olag of Erzincan Branch General Meeting was Held" comments for.


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