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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:57

Diyanet-Sen Ahmet Aydin Emirdağ Reassures

Diyanet-Sen Ahmet Aydin Emirdağ Reassures
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Diyanet-Sen Branch Chairman Aydin two candidates in the race showed the usual example of democracy in terms of participation in the general meeting and election atmosphere .

Aydın news: Photo Diyanet-Sen Branch of the Ordinary General Meeting of Intellectuals was completed in a sample . Court headed by the Officer-Sen Aydın Provincial Representative and Health-Sen Aydın Branch President A. Baki the General Assembly that Karaer Join Officer-Sen dependent joined the president and managers of the union .
General Assembly in current President Ahmet Emirdağ and by Ibrahim Cetinkaya competed prepared two separate lists . 120 delegates who passed the selection chat environment where Aydin Religious-Sen 118 vote. Both candidates also reaffirms the unity and cohesion in democracy , giving each other support in the General Assembly that such confidence exhibited 65 rated Ahmet Emirdağ . Other candidate Ibrahim Cetinkaya was declared invalid on 51 votes received by the elections on 2 votes . A thank you after the announcement of a Photo conclusion speech that makes the Diyanet-Sen Aydın Branch President Ahmet Emirdağ , contributing to the passing air general assembly of the feast celebrated Ibrahim Cetinkaya and team competition. Gains point counting priority of the interests of members at all times Aydin Religious-stating you will continue to work without compromising on the then Emirdağ , \"The studies of our union with our priority exhibiting a stance worthy of unionism examine the decisions of Religious Affairs , received criticism and the power to sue if necessary has received from its members . we put our attitude about the rotation , one of the decisions taken in recent institution is clearly the first day.'nomadic religious officials do not want to be'we will continue our response. Today rotation decisions are implemented , though, this is determined to do injustice to the clergy will articulate on every platform \"he said. Photo religious-Sen as Noting that open the door to all chaplains Emirdağ , \"We Aydin religious as you always hug is always the friends who made wrong by opening our bosom with unions actual values ​​Aydin Diyanet-Sen would like to invite the family. our our family indignation, and have no place to self-interests.'Be our strength to strength'I invite you to sue you this blessed enough to say , \"he said . Photo Reassuringly Ahmet Emirdağ headed Aydın Diyanet-Sen's new management took place the following names:Anwar Döngel , Saitama Süleyman Doğan , Murat Yenikeçec of Adam Akdag, Scholars Sener and Ahmet Honeycomb.


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