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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:29

Diyanet-Sen young people will go to Troop Morale Visit

Diyanet-Sen young people will go to Troop Morale Visit
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Diyanet-Sen Çaycuma District Office, which will go to soldiers participating in the organization which supports young people for young people was .

Zonguldak news: Diyanet-Sen Çaycuma District Office, going to military service for young people held organization by attending support youth was .
Diyanet-Sen Çaycuma district president Kenan Bronze, caulked and Kadoglu in the villages of going to military service for young people organized military farewell ceremony attended . Bronze Head of giving moral to chat with the young , from the faith of love of country , he said . President Bronze ; \"All our young people this lovingly have to grow. Our young people of this land, how can I earn very well that you should know . Mehmet Akif Ersoy ,'Bass where the land saying undergo diagnosis, consider the bottom thousands kefensiz underlying the'string described in the desired meaning everyone understand very well should . Our youth if these feelings soldier expenses and this heavenly homeland to be a soldier what a great honor to grasp that they then military would make more sense . Beloved Prophet's words, this consciously guard the great reward there is . Hopefully all our brothers consciously going to military and homeland task in the best way undertake to fulfill . already I wish all our troops auspicious permit , \"he said .
Diyanet-Sen President Kenan Bronze Çaycuma County after the speech read prayers . Participants in the program were various refreshments .

Diyanet-Sen young people will go to Troop Morale Visit" comments for.


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