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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:36

Diyarbakır Anti-Terror Law Training Seminar

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Turkey dominated by the Justice Academy and held training seminars on the Prevention of Terrorism Act for prosecutors in Diyarbakir .

Diyarbakır news: Training seminar who the opening speech Justice Academy of Turkey President Supreme Council Yilmaz Akçil , drawing attention to the problems of the judiciary, \"We must break down the walls we weave our intermediate Society . How do we make it cute the Judiciary's cold face we need to think about it ,\"he said . Photo of Turkey in many provinces serving judges and prosecutors by the Justice Academy of Turkey Anti-Terror Law Training Seminar was held in Diyarbakır. Diyarbakir Governor Huseyin Aksoy, Chairman of the Supreme Council of Judicial Academy Akçil Yilmaz , Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor of Ramazan Solmaz , Gendarmerie Regional Commander, Brigadier General Necdet Güngör, Dr. Rector Dr. Aysegul Jale Sarac , President of the Bar Association Tahir Acts , Diyarbakır Police Chief Halis Böğürc Turkey's many judges who work in the province and made ​​with the participation of the prosecutor training seminar will last 2 days. In his opening speech of
seminar Public Prosecutor Ramazan Solmaz , the Prevention of Terrorism drawing attention to the importance of the Law Training Seminar in Diyarbakir done, said judges and would be an efficient program for prosecutors .
\" Completion of TERROR PROBLEM iN COMBINATION WITH RESOLUTION PROCESS iMPORTANT DISTANCES aT A POINT RECEIVED \"< br/> speaking after Singh President of the Council of State Member of the Justice Academy of Turkey Yilmaz Akçil , the Anti-Terrorism Act in his speech, the solution process, we focus on the problems faced by judges and prosecutors. Significant progress in ending terrorism with the settlement process , emphasizing that saved Akçil said that efforts on the state and the nation together to remedy the problem. Akçil , \"our government to end the terror with bleeding wounds of our country and our region, and for years our nation engages in combat in a selfless manner . Taken important steps in finishing point of this problem with the solution process in recent years . When we look at the legal aspects of the issue, legal rights and freedoms according to the time and the needs of society meaning of the legislator by limiting and narrowing has made ​​changes to the legislation and will continue to make changes as needed. Seminar Us crimes held at the Anti-Terror Law , investigation and prosecution of these crimes , it is intended to solve the encountered problems . the program is not simply a ductile , we hope in a participatory manner to maintain . However, you will be tired and will overwhelm , we made sure to be listening to the extractor program. our business expectations of our judges valuable , identify problems in the corresponding application with the seminar topic is your show sensitivity in providing unity in practice . Let's not forget , quality of service we will directly affect the development of our country , \"he said .
\" very controversial SELECTION PROCESS has happened \"Photo Akçil , held last month in his speech Judges and Prosecutors referring to the High Council elections , said that a very controversial choice is made. Akçil , \"our judiciary is very controversial , tense, rather than occupying the public , perhaps qualify for the scientific studies have been spent on a selection process . This choice of whether it is beneficial for the Turkish judicial system , will be considered by the legislator will not be maintained over public opinion and perhaps in the period thereafter . However, the selection process is over and started to work the new High Council members . Now after all the judiciary should give himself to work with all the energy accumulated a fair, speedy and effective trial should be conducted . Should move away from the public and especially the media agenda. If that will allow it primarily judges and we are the ones the public prosecutor , \"he said .
\" JUDICIARY cold face the CUTE HALE HOW WE BRING YOU THINKING we MUST \"judges who participated in the Photo Training seminars and prosecutors called the Turkey Justice Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Academy Akçil Yilmaz , \"You know your organization has fallen behind a lot of confidence in the judiciary . Judicial institutions and corrects false and erroneous actions and acts of individuals . Who will correct the erroneous decisions of the judiciary. I mean not only the judicial courts of first instance . High courts in this context. Therefore, it becomes questionable confidence in the judiciary is the biggest loss for the country. To carry this confidence to the highest level we have a lot of work is needed first . Of course, much loved in the community with work and we have to be counted as persons . We must break down the walls between us we weave society. How do we make the cold cute face of the judiciary is we have to think about it. When the text of a judge and prosecutors laid out the characteristics of the dominant material , as well as the moral attributes is understood that the removal of legal knowledge to the fore. Judges should be appointed in a legal sense , of course . But besides judges should also be virtuous . Besides carrying on its morality , with legal information , the prevailing intellectual and prosecutors is one of society's most prominent people with these characteristics. Therefore judge not only families around the courthouse and also should show itself in different parts of society and should be ended . Participate in social life, the environment in which it lives should share ideas with thought leaders , within the framework of principles and laws should contribute to the work of civil society organizations. Now the housing from the courthouse , outgoing lokale the housing, rather than people cutting their ties with the external environment , following the current needs of society , that reads , around giving greetings , we should patiently listen to people contacts. Empathy we need to make every event we encountered. Counted when the trial judge outside of these features and provisions of installing both the body and quite healthy in terms of the idea and it should be ready for work , \"he said. After the
opening speech, the seminar was continued with their judges and prosecutors presentation.

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