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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:35

Diyarbakır Bar Association President Ambassador:Judiciary, to demonstrate success unsolved

Diyarbakır Bar Association President Ambassador:Judiciary, to demonstrate success unsolved
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Diyarbakır Bar Association Chairman Tahir apostle,"Justice in the near past to the present, forced disappearances, and extrajudicial the shortest way to show the success of mass slaughters like Uludere with executions.

Thousands of government officials

with a few exceptions, despite the heavy crime to justice the perpetrators of these crimes are not subtracted. Timeout of thousands of files is still decreasing, crime and punishment of perpetrators of crimes against humanity, are exempt."He said.

with lots of Diyarbakir Bar Association Chairman Tahir Ambassador lawyer, robes, made a statement in front of the Palace of Justice in Diyarbakir for the opening of the judicial year. Society to live together in peace is the basis for describing the bar of justice Ambassador Tahir head of the judiciary, stressed the need to be independent of state power. judiciary, the legal procedure, suggesting that the apostle applies the provisions of the multilateral, with crimes against the state in almost all restrictions on the investigation of the crimes committed by state officials or noted that given the secrecy order. apostle,"Even in case the perpetrator of a large number of senior public officer, transmits the western provinces of thousands of kilometers away from where the crime was committed. A fair trial for all citizens, government officials against citizens who commit crimes trial would effectively investigated and tried."Says the apostle, said it is a requirement of a fair trial.

freedom of expression in a democratic society, explaining that the underlying value , he said,"freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and demonstration, which means that this freedom can not talk about democracy in place. Named the past year, all over Turkey expressed, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration was heavy interventions, security officials unnecessary, excessive and arbitrary use of force as a result many people were killed, injured, maimed. At the new judicial year of expression, assembly and demonstration of the respect for the right to freedom."He said.

legal profession, advocacy is an essential part of freedom of the President of the Bar Association expressed the apostle, said :"A vukatların free, and no one dominates the freedom of a society that is not under warranty. Entering the new judicial year, still a great professional challenges. Currently, professional activities, because such activities as human rights defenders' armed organization charged with"membership as a prisoner on trial for more than twenty colleagues. There are still five years imprisoned lawyer friends. Even lawyers and release of the right to trial within a reasonable time not under warranty are faced with a trial activity. The new judicial year, at the beginning of their duties colleagues, would like to see us. When there is so much injustice and injustice, we have problems that are related to the fact that lawyers do not want to bring in many languages. Our professional work shrinks with each passing day, our colleagues are aggravated by social and economic problems."

Diyarbakır Bar Association President Ambassador:Judiciary, to demonstrate success unsolved" comments for.


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