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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 20:48

Diyarbakir eventful night

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Diyarbakir Kayapıan face masked group attacked the police by throwing sound grenades to a supermarket in the town .

Diyarbakır news: In the Sur district received the key to the way the demonstrators off 2 private buses . Photo by information obtained, Nursing Homes neighborhood district of Diyarbakır Kayapınar Dr. Goral Street sıtkı prepare their handmade group of about 20 people attacked with explosives and having the fireworks from the front of a grocery store located at the entrance. Demonstrators that interfere with the bomb gases escaped from the scene, police streets. Müşterici instantly on the attack in panic markets started an operation to arrest the attackers of age at the police teams .
Another event connected to the Sur district of Diyarbakir district in acockbill occurred . YDG PKK's youth structure which is located in the city-H members indicated that face masked demonstrators cut path with Molotov cocktails and stones at their disposal where they make identity checks on passing vehicles. On the way to check the identity of the demonstrators who barricaded the road to take the key to the two private buses . News provided by the scene from the police demonstrators while intervening with bombs gas on demonstrators also sound grenades to the police and attacked with fireworks. Call advantage of the Photo Group darkness of the streets running from public buses with the arrival of the replacement switch is closed by pulling off the road the road was opened to traffic again . Acockbill neighborhood police teams in the input and output in a controlled manner while providing for the arrest of hundreds of masked demonstrators began the operation.

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