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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:14

Diyarbakır Military City Index

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In Diyarbakir walking due to scheduled today , was taken extensive security measures across the city .

Diyarbakır news: Environmental many of the provinces of Diyarbakir police reinforcements were sent soldiers went into town once more . On the other hand , do not hesitate lived in opening trades shutters in the city. The Democratic Party of the Photo People (HDPE ), Democratic Peoples'Congress ( HDK ) , the Democratic Society Congress (DTK ) and the Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) by Kobani'yi support order today Diyarbakir'due to the planned march organized , extensive security measures were taken in the city. Sent as reinforcements from neighboring provinces in the city where a large number of police officers were deployed in various areas against possible situations. In particular, the AK Party , public buildings and extensive security measures taken around the bank. Photo SOLDIER CITY AGAIN Photo Precautions were not limited . Kopani downloaded to the city during the event and landed troops returning again and again in their barracks after deployed in various regions for several days. The soldiers were deployed along with armored vehicles in various regions.
On the other hand , when opening the shutters in some areas of the city that trades off making the call shutters , shutters opening was observed in some regions of the trades . I waited around for a lot of trades where the shutters to open the business .

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