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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 23:12

Diyarbakır Prison demonstrators pelted stones

Diyarbakır Prison demonstrators pelted stones
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In Diyarbakir, Isidor's Kobani'nin unauthorized demonstration in the evening on the attack as an excuse to regulate group E Type Closed Prison pelted stones .

Diyarbakır news: Demonstrators from the scene to intervene armored police vehicle to crash into the barricade , he almost was overthrown .
In Diyarbakir will be shown starting in the morning nightfall began again at various points of the city . Bonding in the town in the path of rainwater for draining the grid over the rip up barricades protesters , hours 22.00 hours of labor on the Avenue of the E Type Closed Prison rear guardhouse at the gate the guard of soldiers booths stones pelted .
Prison stones pelted the scene after the security forces despite all the warnings disperse the stone and fireworks continue to take the demonstrators police officers firing rubber bullets and tear gas intervened.
armored police vehicle you almost toppling was
demonstrators to intervene to scene from the armored police vehicle, the road closed to traffic to the demonstrators established by the barricade slamming you almost toppling was .
the intervention , then the group of demonstrators from the back streets , fleeing police also citizens together with middle of the road storm water discharge made ​​for and by demonstrators dismantled grids they opened the road to traffic by plugging into place .
Police teams after opening the road to traffic to events that may occur in the region took strict security measures .

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