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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:32

Diyarbakir uneventful Ended March Kopani

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Diyarbakır rally across the city due to Kopani taken extensive security measures.

Diyarbakır news: Peoples'Democratic Party said after walking (HDPE ) Diyarbakır deputy Nursel Aydogan , the whole world is next to Kobani'yi said , stressing Kobani'nin would surely liberation. Photo HDPE , Democratic Peoples'Congress ( HDK ) , the Democratic Society Congress (DTK ) and Democratic Party of Regions ( DBP ) , organized a march to Kopani . Together in front of the Human Rights Monument in the Koşuyolu Park in bonds district and from them HDPE Diyarbakır deputy Nursel Aydogan , many people in Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality co-chairman Firat Anli and DBP Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Zübeyde found at the Emerald, moved towards the Station Square in Larissa district . Police have taken extensive security measures of walking routes to avoid potential rowdy party members were also appointed . Party officials, preventing some groups trying to cross in front of the crowd , passed in front of a potential excesses.
\"KOP NEW'< strong> Yi do not want to recognize with MASSACRE \"Photo frequent slogans also in his walk Station Square discarded ended . Here Diyarbakir addressed the group from the party bus Municipality co-chairman Firat Anli , stating that Diyarbakir Kopani today, \"Kurds correct step to pay face paying an annual inaccuracy of cost . We Mahabad of Qazi Muhammad , Halabja our people murdered there with chemical weapons , Lice Dersim , familiar with Roboski massacre. We do not want to recognize the massacres as today Sengal and Kobani'yi \"he said. Photo three years ago Sinjar and did not know many people that Kobani'yi's whereabouts, but Xinjiang today and Kobani'yi all emphasizing the familiar world Anli , \"We send our greetings once our people resist Kobani'yi than Diyarbakir and heartfelt to those who support them. and we want to make here called once again to govern this country. giving this wrong policy , which attempts to establish public Kobani'de allow them to jointly struggle for survival . this is extremely critical in the solution process in Turkey , \"he said .
\"YPG , YPJ and Peshmerga we greet \"Photo later, speaking HDPE Diyarbakır deputy Nurseli Aydogan noting that the 48th day of Kopani resistance , \"Full and 48 days have not received their share of Kobani'yi humanity, not just the people of Kurdish , Isidor gang that attacked cowardly enemy to mankind . But since the 48 days that showed a resistance to the historical YPJ YPG and cowardly attacks. Here we greet all together and ypj'y YPG . We salute the peshmerga from yesterday evening to support the resistance in the Kobani'yi . Kurdish people and we salute everyone involved in Kobani'yi the liberation struggle , \"he said .
\"KOP NEW' is also prohibited HONOR THE FIGHT \"Photo Kobani'yi years ago resistance , as in Vietnam the war is continuing transfer Aydogan , said:
\"exhibited resistance against the inhuman gang in Kobani'yi watched and saw all the world's peoples and all humanity . Therefore Solidarity Day was proclaimed by November 1, 2014 World Kopani . Today, all over the world to give voice to Kopani resistance in the field in order to be in solidarity with them and we salute all the world to challenge the democratic humanity . This means that it is very large and very valuable. Because the world of humanity , it not only conquer a city of Kobani'de attack mobs . If the attack does not attack the gangs to seize today Kobani'yi Kobani'yi . Multicultural and multi-identity in Kobani'yi attacking multi-faith model. Kobani'yi for the honor of humanity in attacking the fight . Today Isidor gangs attacking women's freedom in Kobani'yi . Therefore, know that the world of humanity . Today it is an honor struggles Kobani'de Kobani'de exhibited . Is a freedom struggle. So, the next ypj'n with humanity all over the world and here Kobani'nin YPG resist . Now therefore we say that it necessarily also Kopani necessarily the Kopani . There is no way to liberation Kopani first . \"Photo Group , which distracted after the speech , the police took extensive security measures around the teams .

Diyarbakir uneventful Ended March Kopani" comments for.


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