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  • 29 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 12:02

Do not charge your cell phone for a long time

Do not charge your cell phone for a long time
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Erkan Aksoy mechanic district of Zonguldak Eregli phone, mobile phone users warned.

Al, mobile phones connect to the night until the morning to swell and cause the explosion of the battery charge remain, he said.

many citizens when they get up in the morning charging mobile phones and they had slept the night Aksoy connect the charger, and the battery life of this operation reduction, as well as swollen and explosions occurred a long time to charge the battery stayed insignificant, he said.

Mobile phone users stated that the use of long-term conversations do Aksoy accessories, mobile phone underlined the need to use materials from the original materials. Al,"Mobile phone users leave on charge for extended periods phones as well as reduce the life of the batteries overheat and cause swelling and with it an explosion. Telefonlarını need to keep a maximum of 3 hours per charge. Accessory is a must for a long time they will need to use phone calls."she said.

Do not charge your cell phone for a long time" comments for.


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