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  • 15 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 14:47

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Do not choose to use this article?
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At the announcement of the results of students in secondary education are closely related SBS began an intense frenzy of school choice.

Parents can take their children the best education schools

araştırırlarken Ihlas Coach Hami important to parents to advise General Manager of Educational Institutions. 'high school they will choose to do parents, schools, pre-selection information by visiting almalılar'diyen coach, pointed out that heart made choice. In this context, the coach recommended that parents come Ihlas College campuses' families viewed by visiting campuses, and I believe that our schools have at least one high school education not in terms of their compliance with the objectives of academic achievement bulacaklardır'ifadelerini kullandı.Sadece Ihlas College in many ways that schools could be a matter of preference draws a coach,"Academic achievements, social and sporting achievements, foreign language training model, tablet Ihlas College education system üstlenmektedir'dedi a leading role in the educational services. High school education is important for the child's academic future, underlining that a bend in the coach, to the choice of school He said he would directly impact the desired goals in this respect.

LYS, and according to the results of several thousand in the first Ihlas College students, all graduates of the guidance was to place a higher education institution. Ihlas Education Institutions, General Manager Hami coach, who passed the examination Ihlas College congratulated the students. This is an important process of choice in front of them pointed out that from the time coach, college choices should be made in consultation with expert guidance counselors said. Preferred guide teachers in schools during the period of service stating that the coach,"as soon as the students themselves in the hands of the exam results pending consultation with expert teams to make important decisions for the future of our schools will,"he said.

recent years intercepts indicating that a high proportion of university placement Ihlas College Coach,"This year, our goal is to place all students in a higher education institution. Looking at past years, students have very little choice or by not voluntarily or were forced out of college because of wrong choices personally. I believe that through joint working team of expert guidance, all of the students choose the correct logical and take their places at university this year,"he said.

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