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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 03:37

Do not Demand Index to Italian immigrants Square

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Separatist party Lega Nord in Italy with the participation of 40 thousand people, \"Invasion no\"under the slogan of immigrants held a rally in Milan Italy against the adoption .

Milano news:
from all over Italy , especially with the participation of party sympathizers from northern regions , reaching 40 thousand people crowded square foot from Porta Venezia was dominated by the Duomo Square . Lega Nord'lu banners and slogans and the government's immigration policy and Enrico Letta prime minister in the government during the Sicily Island Near experienced refugee boat disaster after the promulgation and Italy waters approaching the migrant boats Italian army by the life safety providing \"Mare Nostrum \"laws in response to demonstrated .
Duomo Square, addressed the crowd speaking Lega Nord Party General Secretary Matteo Salvini , the Schengen agreement to put an end said they want and \"Other European countries , such as our Navy our borders to protect our must work , illegal immigrants carrying vessels not to save . We in our country more illegal immigrants do not want to . every illegal immigrant day for 40 euros we spend them at 3 star hotels are hosting . on Tuesday Marie Le Pen and Strasbourg, the Schengen agreement to stop and limit checking're going to ask , \"he said .
during the meeting, Lega Nord former Secretary General Umberto Bossi and Roberto Maroni's party , as well as mayors and sympathizers of the party in a black speech. UAV camera Speaking to San Giovanni İllarione the Lega Nord'l Mayor Ellen Cavazza , \"the never-ending influx of migrants from the longer you're tired . We mayors of these immigrants place to stay and food supply we have to . Present our Italian citizens sıkıntıdayk the'First someone after us'to say we would not get . incoming immigrants because of our identity and dignity, we are losing . today here ,'an end to this data to say'we're here. Migrant carrying boats have to stop immigrants arrived where they should stay . incoming migrants to other countries should be distributed , but in this regard the European Union we help you need does not exist in \"he said . Lega Nord sympathizers Giuseppe Nodo the \"I immigrants supply that we should not think , in countries where they should stay . Italy Lombardy and Veneto regions feeds . Northern's southern club to favor the southern self-directed learn to do ,\"he found.
Against foreigners policies known Lega Nord'protest organized by the Turkish transsexual living in Italy had Efe Bal . \"I would die for Lega Nord \"Efe Bal carrying banners , party sympathizers was the focus of attention and plenty of photo was taken . Sex workers enactment and pay taxes you want to make honey , \"Lega Nord racist party is known as but is not. Italy a huge crisis because of job opportunities primarily Italians should be used to argue. My Lega Nord sympathy of the biggest reasons the general house of the re-opening and regain a normal life by sex workers to defend tax , \"he said .

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