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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:55

Do not leave home without breakfast

Do not leave home without breakfast
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Director of Public Health Specialist bilecik .

Bilecik news: Director of Public Health Specialist bilecik . Dr. Omar Bailey , the importance of breakfast in weight control and malnutrition in human life has commented on the negative aspects .
Breakfast to start your day without obesity , indicating obesity will lead Exp . Dr. Balci, worldwide obesity has become a problem , he said. Noting that obesity is caused by unhealthy diet Exp . Dr. Balci, \"During the day, our energy and efficient our work to balance regularly and a good breakfast we need to do . Breakfasts person's nutrition known to be important , but'I do not feel like saying'can easily be skipped meals is one of the . Yet, 8 or 12 hours after fasting our body needs energy providing the most important meal is . , so blood sugar known as glucose, the primary is the source . glucose, the brain is the most important energy source , because the brain energy storage is not available. the energy source if you get in the brain that use energy . did not make breakfast in individuals learning abilities decline in memory in the weight loss, fatigue, fatigue , tension, everyday the skill and performance degradation and environmental decreased interest in showing the important work there is , \"he said .
Besides your day with breakfast starting individuals later in the day in the stronger and more durable that transfers Exp . Dr. Balci, \"Breakfast in the least food consumption of their food supply is low even though the glucose stores put it down again able can be said . Breakfast you not do during the day your energy level by lowering the less active your leads . Movements lack the weight loss or weight control a challenge form ,\"he spoke .
health of human life, in sustaining and improving quality of life have a special importance in Bilecik Director of Public Health Specialist voicing . Dr. Omar Bailey , said:
\"Nowadays, unbalanced diet and a sedentary lifestyle adoption of accompanying obesity, heart and vascular diseases , diabetes, hypertension , osteoporosis and many other diseases to occur paves . Healthy eating and regular physical activity habits to gain life the next period by affecting at later ages may arise avoids problems . regular physical activity, healthy weight for survival, endurance , strength and improves flexibility , mental health, psychosocial aspects anxiety, stress, depression reduction, mental health sustaining psychological wellbeing , ensuring that mental health recovery is effective. Besides chronic diseases the risk reduces . foods we eat and we get calories are accurate and adequate exercise, spending need . this way our body fat accumulation will prevent . cardiac and vascular disease also protected are . healthy muscle, bone and joint structure has positive effects on the body due to the smoothness and be aware of our body in harmony with developing , creates a self-confident individuals . Healthy thinking and improves their ability to cope with stress . \"

Do not leave home without breakfast" comments for.


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