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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:42

Do not worry, Esme Met with Ahmediyeli

Do not worry, Esme Met with Ahmediyeli
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Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin not worry, the neighborhood gained the status of Ahmadis village Esme did fieldwork .

Kocaeli news: Photo District and located in different neighborhoods throughout the visit to the villages within the program determines Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin not worry, listen to citizens'requests in place . North-east of the county remaining in Sakarya also increasingly engaged in fieldwork on the border and Esme Ahmadiyya Village neighborhood gained status and chat with neighborhood residents who suffer President , toured the village start to finish. Esme Ahmadiyya The mayor Muzaffer Kabul and village opinion leaders, mosques tavern in the invention President Üzülmez'in to help Murat Sabri Cakir and coordinators were accompanied by Bywater from the semis with Yusuf Özdemir. Photo Esme Ahmadiyya Neighborhood residents demand President Üzülmez'in in the chat in a friendly atmosphere for and shared their distress. Mukhtar Kabul , missing the cut in the remaining route with reinforced retaining wall against the landslide hazards also asked for support for the conclusion . Flooding affected by the disaster troubled spots for said they expect the solution Mukhtar Kabul , mosques landscaping and the demands on transportation issues also shared with the President not worry . If a Photo neighborhood status Üzülmez President stated that the benefit equally from the services in the attainment of the village , \"our work we carry out throughout the Kartepe neighborhood status our reach in the village are also realized . our team to remedy the deficiencies we see in the frame determined that we do well in your neighborhood will be served . we are not what we have seen out issues organized and paid to do a potential problem , \"he said .
property issue can be made to work on routes not , for the solution of the problems experienced with transportation UKOME and bus Üzülmez President stated that the meeting with the cooperative , of the promise you gave to support the material in making a retaining wall.

Do not worry, Esme Met with Ahmediyeli" comments for.


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