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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:27

'Do not worry, loss of smoking'

'Do not worry, loss of smoking'
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Chest Disease Specialist Dr..

Ordu news: Chest Disease Specialist Dr.. Osman El Jindi, the harm of smoking to human health that everyone knows, but nobody paid attention enough, he said.
"Health of the People's Meeting with Project'' under the Army Provincial Directorate of Health and Medical Park Army Hospital in collaboration with the Atatürk Culture Center 'Cigarettes? Health Do? Decision You Give' seminar was organized.
Provincial Director of Health Deputy DR. Özgür and Health Officer Joseph Young projects undertaken by seminars organized under the Medical Park Ordu Hospital of Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Osman El Jindi participated as a speaker.
"SMOKING ONLY YOU NOT your surroundings DE DAMAGE"
Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Osman El Jindi, in his speech, smoking and the damage caused by today's biggest health problems is one of the stated,"Smoke on human health has given great damage as everyone knows, but nobody does not care enough. Unfortunately, most of this damage irreversible damage, can cause death. Smoker people hurt themselves as they do harm to the people found in the environment. These people are called passive smokers. Non all the tissues and organs in the body are damaged too many to count. First, the greatest harm of smoking 10 to 15 percent by weight deficiency and mental retardation sees unborn baby. In the context of non-addictive nicotine are mainly many harmful chemicals. These substances, most notably lung cancer, including uterine cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and various respiratory diseases such as severe disease is the main cause. Please note that every cigarette smoking you are one step closer to cancer. With many more damaged by smoking, keeping in mind the known facts we should try to be more sensitive. A good example is the new generation that has become a major problem by educating them we must protect this deadly habit. A healthy lifestyle and stop smoking for a healthy future!"He said.
"To quit smoking should BELIEVE AND TRUST YOURSELF FIRST"must
to decide to quit smoking, a day that is a problem faced by all dependent Exp said. Dr. Osman El Jindi, he continued to speak :"S Igaram quitting is the biggest motivation necessary requirement. Person's motivation to keep consistently high, placing it at the center of his life as a reflex must. A person who wants to quit smoking must first believe in yourself and trust. Non yourself in the time you leave the first restless, uncomfortable and can feel shaken. Therefore, avoid situations in which you referred to smoking."
Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Osman El Jindi filled the hall after the speech, participants answered questions.

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