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  • 09 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 09:19

Do you want to get rid of Facebook?

Do you want to get rid of Facebook?
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Facebook account, you started to get bored, turn off or completely delete your account here it is the way

Facebook 's business lent Thinking of days left behind? Tired of the game invitations or meaningless. Maybe you can disable or completely eliminate the Facebook account.

's, according to the account disable:disable your Facebook account profile removed next to the posts, most of them, but it all comes back to return to the case. again at any time by logging on to facebook activate your account.

Here's how: Your Account Open the settings menu to disable the upper right, click Account Settings. Now the left side of the window, under Security, click the pop-up page"Sticky Thread Freeze Account "link.

completely delete your account: to delete your account entirely eliminate it. So by logging on to bring him back, or any content you send to facebook will not be able to recover.

Facebook account download to your computer before you delete the data suggests. The Settings> Account Settings> General Account Settings page and follow the path of"Facebook data copy download"link.

Facebook, how to delete your account does not explain fully the process can start following this link.

a Facebook account, just use the delete more than ever. If you want to go back to a new account that you'll need to start from scratch.

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