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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:17

Docomomo_türki National Working Group on poster presentations , Turkey's Local Initiative Modernism in Architecture

Docomomo_türki National Working Group on poster presentations , Turkey's Local Initiative Modernism in Architecture
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Attract the attention of the public in the 20th century prominent Modernism and \"modern architecture, design and document their urban planning products and maintain \"order is an international organization created in 1990 DOCOMOMO ( Documentation and conservation of Buildings , Sites and Neighborhoods of the modern movement) within consisting of Turkey Working Group was established in 2002 and documented examples of modern architecture and has launched an initiative for the protection of Turkey.

Erzurum news: Photo docomomo_türki National Working Group for the first time in 2004, METU Faculty of Architecture , which hosted \"Turkey Modernism Local Expansions in Architecture\"Posters tenth of the presentation , Erzurum Governorship , Ataturk University Rectorate, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality and Ataturk University supports the Open Education Faculty was carried out . speaking first covered the opening speeches Photo Events Events Assistant Editor . Assoc. Dr. Neslihan Kulöz , the ninth of last year Akdeniz University hosted the scope of the activity as they offer one of the most important works of modern architecture in our country, Ataturk University Campus today said they are pleased to welcome guests. Kulöz of ; \"Modern Architectural Heritage awareness of the Ottoman yet in our country about , by the Seljuk and emphasized that earlier civilizations produced during architectural works up development , the number we know with scientific purposes, carry as much modern architectural heritage awareness of environmental protection history in Erzurum activity with the aim of raising awareness about Erzurum governor and the number of metropolitan stated that they were proud to be performing with support from the mayor. of themselves in the process of rapid urban ongoing transformation of local actors related to Erzurum issue , unfortunately not all stated that they believe that they show sensitivity to the protection of unregistered modern architectural works , \"he said . Photo Atatürk University will be held during the event in his speech , Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design \"Urban Renewal and Modern Architectural Heritage\"most of the urban transformation process by focusing on activities when you give birth outcomes in favor of the city, but some instances , he said could result in the detriment of the city. Urban emphasized the transformation process should not be ignored in the necessity of preservation of cultural heritage .
The event finally speaking Atatürk University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Irfan is Küfrevioğlu emphasizing the richness of the created poster exhibition with posters of participants exhibited during the event , Turkey's many universities from the exhibition offers a modern architectural heritage samples from different cities of the country of the participants emphasized the broad scope . Erzurum after the
Opening remarks Development Foundation President ( ERVAK ) Erdal Beautiful, gave information about the architecture of Erzurum Erzurum with old photos. photo Friday event, which started Saturday, was continued in 3 sessions. Poster presentations, \"protection of urban renewal and modern architectural heritage \"on the panel, and \"Return to the Erzurum Heritage of Modern Architecture \"exhibition opening and held Sunday \"Erzurum Modern Architecture \"and \"Historical and Architectural Erzurum \"ended with the trip.

Docomomo_türki National Working Group on poster presentations , Turkey's Local Initiative Modernism in Architecture" comments for.


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