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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:20

Doctors baffled events in Tekirdag

Doctors baffled events in Tekirdag
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Nurhan suffering from stomach pain for 35 years in Tekirdağ of the work (66) of thousands of stones from the gallbladder was removed .

Tekirdağ news: Nurhan suffering from stomach pain for 35 years in Tekirdağ of the work (66) of thousands of stones from the gallbladder was removed . Perform surgery , Dr. Adam Topaloğlu, \"Normally, the number of stones 8-10 should be around , but this patient from our thousands of stone appeared. Very confused, \"she said.
Tekirdag Private Life Hospital with severe abdominal pain , nausea and vomiting presented with a Nurhan Author (66), General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Adam was examined by Topaloğlu . 9 months ago who had bypass surgery and drugs used to relieve pain for many years as a result of having been three-quarters of the stomach of the patient's condition was also investigated other physicians . Open the operation extremely risky for the patient . Dr. Adam made ​​Topaloğlu . During surgery, gall bladder full of stones , seeing Topaloğlu, lived in great astonishment .
Topaloğlu on the subject in his statement , gallbladder full with stones faced with a case that is filled for the first time and said very surprised . Under normal conditions, number of stones 8-10 around Noting Topaloğlu, \"Patients on us severe stomach pain , nausea and vomiting was admitted to . Our inspections and examinations as a result of our patient's gallbladder stones that we have identified. However , Nurhan wife shortly before bypass surgery had spent . This care for itself gallbladder surgery was risky . surgery is extremely successful. surgery after us surprised gallbladder all filled with stones was that . numerous stones were welcomed but the gallbladder all full of stones that we encountered rare cases is one . stones counting have stones patient himself to count , but I guess a thousand or a few thousand large and small, many have rocks . Himself in Turkey , even in the world from the gallbladder record number of stone the first person to think that , \"he said .
\" 66 years was reborn \"35 years after the surgery be performed
get rid of the pain, her joy , indicating that the Nurhan Author \"I was born again \"in the words expressed. For many years, various hospitals in reference to the disease healing were looking for work explaining , \"Easier said than 35 years . Every moment of pain and pain experienced. Many years of pain my religion I use to drugs, my stomach disproved . Surgically my stomach more than half were enrolled but still healing did not . 9 months ago bypass surgery I was . again having a heart attack I thought I came to the hospital when doctors made ​​a review. later gallbladder me stones appeared to be . surgery after myself like a newborn feel. worry about me from my doctor who saved endless extend my gratitude , \"he said .
\" STEP record books will print \"
after surgery of the gallbladder all full of stones being very surprised that said Work, said:\"This case my doctors surprise , the me even more surprised . gall bladder since the number of stones in the first case I think I am . Finally at the end I got my health .'ll print my name in the record books . \"

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