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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:56

Dodurga 100 Room Dormitory

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Corum built to Dodurga 100 secondary school students were taken overseas foundation of a ceremony .

Corum built to Dodurga 100 secondary school students were taken overseas foundation of a ceremony . Photo groundbreaking ceremony the Governor Ahmet Kara , the AK Party Çorum deputy Cahill Bağcı , Dodurga Governor Mohammad Amin Apple, Dodurga Mayor Mustafa Aydın, Provincial Police Director Salih Erkan Tarancı , Mufti Mehmet Asik , apartment managers , political parties and civil society organizations representatives attended the event. Photo Dodurga Governor Mohammad Amin Apple, said the foundation was laid dormitory town is an investment in the future . 100-person dormitory of 3 million 384 thousand TL voicing would cost Apple , dormitories will be in service to be completed within a year , he said. Corum Photo AK Party, deputy Cahit Bağcı prisons in Turkey , the hospital and found the field of education in the ward system said, \"AK Party in health with studies in power and we eliminate the ward system of education ,\"he said .
past hardships themselves voicing work for the life of the young generation Bağcı training they care about the budget they allocate to education , he said that this is the biggest indicator. Bağcı, the Dodurga dorm whose foundation was laid and found the requests to be beneficial to the educational community .
Get rid of the shackles IN TURKEY LEGS The Photo Çorum Governor Ahmet Kara, Turkey , he said get rid of the chain shackles and leg . Photo War of Independence in university graduates Governor stating stated that all individuals make skating in education during Turkey's 80 years who were killed in front of land, for 12 years the field of education that the obstacles one by one removed, the country's highway and interlaced with double road, need owner stated that under the social security umbrella of all the members . In the field of education also emphasized that it is very large distances Governor Black , girls'enrollment rate increased, he recalled all the provinces in university founded. Photo District built the dormitory is important beyond the operation of the entry into service emphasizing the Governor Land , \"our students are much cleaner and receive services in safe environments we wish . we also our student expectations to thank those who in this country. Thanks to we mean simply'thank you'word değil.s Staying they do not , and damage to own this home . here I wish to serve in the best possible way against the homeland of our students will be trained and nation, \"he said.
Mufti Mehmet Asik his prayer after members of the protocol 50 girls , 50 boys threw together the foundation of the country where the housing .

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