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  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 11:02

Does he get the minimum wage tax?

Does he get the minimum wage tax?
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Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik: Minimum charge is not the agenda of the abolition of the tax, he said.

of Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik , the minimum wage and the rate of removal of taxes on the salaries of employees the subject on the agenda to reflect that only the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission, and four political parties agreed on the issue, he said. Minister of Steel, "This issue is subject to the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission and agreed by the parties. Otherwise, not as a result of a regulation made under the law. Currently do not have a regulation regarding the minimum wage to be taxed. Such a thing is not on the agenda of the Assembly. Our agenda is not ." said.

reflected in the public minimum wage from data taken from salaries increase ' news evaluate Faruk Celik, a legal regulation on the subject not on the agenda at the moment, only the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission raised the issue of the removal of taxes, he said. Steel Minister said:"The issue was discussed only the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission. This topic enter the Constitution, not enter into the debate. 4 political parties have taken such a decision. We respect the decision in that frame. Such a thing happens, laws, practices will be reflected in . constitutional amendment means? We want that you, the supreme parliament of Turkey's national tecelligahı new constitution will do it. Revolutionary product kurtulalım'diye strive anayasayı'Türkiye'den. would be a compromise in that context, then they are all on the agenda of constitutional change If the constitutional framework of compliance need to make many arrangements., but the issue was discussed in the Constitutional Reconciliation Commission minimum wage. Constitutional currently being discussed, debated issue of that size. means that there will be reflected in the law comes., but there has been tartışmayı'bugün to launch bitmiş'diye, acceptance is not correct to. This aspect. strive to increase the minimum wage. inflation provide very much on the increase. they finance in a sense that is true, but also regarding the minimum wage tax. request a legitimate demand of the right demand, there may be, but it paid off by balancing the need to make them. Hesapsızlık have the closed period. give us power in the 'evet'veriyoruz but give value for find. Illuminating the Future karartmıyoruz the future. need to implement programs that illuminate our nation's future financial perspective.

Does he get the minimum wage tax?" comments for.


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