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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:50

Does not absorb , Assess the Situation of the Yezidis

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Batman University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Folklore researcher Berivan Can not Em, on the basis of his academic work in the villages connected to Batman's Bashir discussed the latest situation Yezidi district .

Batman news: Photo not Em, who live in Batman, and drew attention to Isidor after the attacks of Yezidis living under difficult conditions in which migration from Sinjar Batman . Yazidis, Iraq, Syria , Turkey, living in Armenia and especially in Germany European countries, ethno-religious and does Em indicating that an ethno-cultural communities , religions and cultures of the Yezidis are subject to a variety of research , have been living in the villages located in Batman's Bashir district boundaries that he said. In the past a large Yezidi intense Yezidi the province of our European countries with a population of not Em , indicating that migration occurred , Yazidis, now mostly abandoned the remaining villages , noting that allow them to shelter their coreligionists from detached from the land like themselves , he continued as follows:Photo \"Isidor's in the past months regions in escaping from attacks on ethnic communities have Yei , one of the people who took refuge in Turkey, has long been attracting the attention of world public opinion. Indeed, this Yazidis not the first attack they suffered in the name of religion. Yezidis on some studies and historical documents, these people in the past several times central governments and neighbors were attacked by the peoples, they are exposed to many times slaughter , fields and animals plunder was they were forced to change their religion to themselves , otherwise show that the brutal murder of their or enslaved . \"Photo \" SİNCARL Yezidis were BACK TO ANY PORTION oF SOIL \"Photo Isidor attacks from because Batman took refuge Yezidis not Em explained that they return to their land were forced to abandon some of them ,\"one of the Yezidis came to our country from Sinjar-Temporary or where they settled as kalıcı-is Batman. Batman's past in a crowded Yezidi population having Yezidi's BeĢiri , one of the towns and villages are approximately According to the information in light of the conducted research for two years , especially the pressures they see by neighboring peoples living together , land and animals to be confiscated , the abduction of young girls , the promotion of agriculture hence various social and economic reasons Yazidi house had to migrate to European countries such as the increase of livelihood , welcomes its co-religionists from Sinjar . Some of the driven part of the peripheral countries of the Yezidis , today as in the past the Xinjiang Mountain refuge stopped. Some people refused to leave the holy land Qasim seson fighting against Isidor with such local heroes , \"he said .
\" LIFE of Yazid IMPORTANT \"Noting that the force of life under conditions other than war Photo Yezidis does not absorb , with emphasis on the unfavorable conditions of the environment in which they placed the Yazidis , \"But conditions were very difficult , many of the houses for years does not see maintenance , roofs leaking , disease early shows , children can not go to school, adults are waiting helplessly . Especially if considering the approaching cold winter days , conditions are expected to be more difficult. Moreover, Yezidis who took refuge in the homes of their lives difficult and unclear freeing our country can not return back to life. Long-term health , education, employment in areas such as the nature of the material and spiritual difficulties to foresee , not difficult. Measures are to be taken on these issues as soon as possible . Largest request of Yezidis struggling to resolve vital needs of the first wave of migration and in subsequent humanitarian assistance to return to their homes . For this is necessary to ensure safety. This does not appear possible in the short term so wish , try other ways Yezidis are leading . Some want to return to their homes in defiance of death , who is looking for a way to go to Europe. In fact, considering the population decreased in our country and the Yezidis , the Yezidis from Sinjar to improve their living conditions , need basic necessities as well as employment, education in areas such as to provide them with permanent facilities , our country is also important in the context of cultural diversity. Get a little bit to wrap the wounds of the past , repeatedly suffered the wrath of war in order to forget the pain of the recent history of this public local authorities and central government initiatives , will be important steps taken in this direction . Ethnicity, race, religion, language , regardless of the bond to everyone as equal citizenship rights and democratic state based on the overarching concept of freedom , conceived as a model that requires it, \"he said.

Does not absorb , Assess the Situation of the Yezidis" comments for.


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