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  • 10 Eylül 2013, Salı 13:17

Dolandırıldı on Facebook!

Dolandırıldı on Facebook!
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Adana, a worker filed a complaint against Facebook for allegedly defrauded discussing with a friend.

Yilmaz, GSM companies stating that they are the instruments of fraud incidents, 'I will be neither the first nor the last. Nobody's not the victim."He said.

According to information obtained

OA Yilmaz week sonu'facebook'üzerinden friend began with a conversation. Friend wrote to him,"Do postpaid phone?"Sorusuna'evet'cevabı that Yilmaz isteyip'Bu the response message, then the number of totally free advertising purposes. I make no fees of any problem. 'The letter da'evet'diye then responded to a message from the other. Yilmaz, 100 pounds, ripped from the mobile phone bill has learned.

Cyber ​​Crime Branch of Adana Security Directorate Yilmaz presented with a petition, then the Public Prosecutor's Office filed a criminal complaint found. Yilmaz, live event, said:"No me know, my friend's facebook address was stolen. Discussions are. Paid for the phone, he asked. Yeah, I have written."Send your number, I'm going to post. This message is completely free of charge, for advertising purposes., No fees of any problem I veririm'dedi. before me my favorite, trusted friend. written cell phone number. message arrived, 'yes summer gönder'dedi, sent. Viewed 100 pounds reflected in our invoice. asked again. Phones called, did not answer. Bunda has bench , said conned. 0212'li have a number. came a message from that number, 66 ..... I got a message from. friend reached in the afternoon, two days did not fall facebook'a said, was carrying home. He also does not know . then called GSM company, 'Tool're me, karşıdakini give away 100 pounds, using your operator, a citizen ediyorsunuz'dedim victim. I will be neither the first nor the last. anyone being victimized, easily laid."

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