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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 10:22

Dollar Gains Most in October

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In October, the highest monthly real returns were realized in US Dollar .

İstanbul news: Dollar gives maximum annual assessment was also a financial investment. Photo Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI ) announced in October 2014 of the Financial Investment Real Return's Rates . Accordingly, the return on the highest monthly real domestic producer price index ( YI-PPI) is reduced by the percentage of 1.13 , the consumer price index (CPI) is reduced with the the 0.16 percent rate was realized in US Dollars. Photo Yi when reduced with-ÜF a; BIST 100 Index 3.47 percent of investment vehicles , Euro 0.63 per cent , 0.51 per cent interest rate on deposits , Government Debt Securities (GDS ) , lost 0.20 percent to 0.10 percent , and gold bullion investors. BIST 100 Index, CPI is reduced by 4.40 percent , 1.59 Euro per cent , 1.46 per cent interest on deposits , Government Securities , lost 1.06 percent to 1.16 percent , and gold bullion investors percent.
US Dollars three monthly assessments; When reduced by Yi-PPI percentage 4.02 , when reduced by CPI is while the highest real return providing investment vehicle to investors with a rate of 4.09 percent , BIST is reduced by 100 Index Yi-PPI percentage 7.14 , and when reduced by CPI percent 7.08 investors in the investment rate was the highest loss tool.
US Dollars based on six-month evaluation; Yi-PPI is reduced by 3.51 percent , 2.65 percent gave the highest gain to the investor is reduced by CPI rate . In the same period the euro , Yi-PPI is reduced by the percentage 4.96 , when reduced by CPI was up losing investment vehicle to the rate of 5.75 percent of the investors. When
financial investment tools were evaluated on an annual US Dollar ; Yi-PPI is reduced by 2.98 per cent , provided the maximum rate of 4.06 per cent real return to the investor is reduced by CPI . On the other hand , BIST 100 Index is reduced by 10 percent Yi-PPI , CPI is reduced to the rate of 9.06 per cent was most investors losing investment.

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