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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:20

Donation on Behalf of Disabled Lead the revolt was president Collection

Donation on Behalf of Disabled Lead the revolt was president Collection
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Didim and Region Disability Association President Bedri Altintas , collecting donations on behalf of people with disabilities, was found in the person who caution against sales call.

Aydın news: Photo Didim and local Disabled Association ( DİYED ) Chairman Bedri Altintas , Didim Didim on behalf of disabled people in the streets against the person collecting money by selling magazines and postcards has called on the public to be careful . DİYED registered nearly a thousand President of the Association stating that disabled Altintas , they organize events from time to time by the association in order to contribute to the disabled and also stated that they organize fairs through the Sevgi Gönül the group consisting of the association's volunteer supporters . Photo recently pointed out that collects donations on behalf of the disabled and the sales person who showed an increase of Altintas \"Let's be careful against these people from outside Didim . Disabled Didim region Association is not indifferent and voucher, a work . for purposes of this type of people in our society to exploit their emotions precisely they use the name of the disabled . this person has no association and our connection to any disabled individual donations made to \"saying citizens urged to be careful. in such cases the Photo citizens safety and wanting to be complained by calling the police Altintas , citizens Efeler who want to contribute to the association Mah.1302 Sokak No:1 visit the association building, located in Didim address or phone number 0256 813 39 59 I can obtain information by calling .

Donation on Behalf of Disabled Lead the revolt was president Collection" comments for.


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