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  • 13 Aralık 2013, Cuma 16:10

"Donkey Milk None of the Cancer Benefit"

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Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Oncology Institute Professor at the Faculty.

Antalya news: Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Oncology Institute Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Şuayib Yalcin, claiming that protects from cancer liters of up to 100 pounds' donkey milk has no effect against cancer, said:"not a scientific study on this issue,"he said.
in Belek, Antalya's Serik district depends on the 3rd at Gloria Hotels-Resort International Conference on Gastrointestinal Cancer began.
Speaking at a press conference held before the conference, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Oncology Institute Professor at the Faculty. Dr.. Şuayib Yalcin, Turkey liters per 100 pounds rising up the ass's milk cancer have no effect, adding that"Donkey milk on no scientific study yet. Any diet against cancer to be effective scientifically been proven. A matter of all cancers can solve naive to believe Worse than going . prove to be a person as an agent to provide alternative is indistinguishable from terrorism,"he said.
"Cancer Does it have the effect of alternative medicine in the treatment?"Prof form of the question. Dr.. Yalcin,"Science alternative way. Alternative to allegedly treat all kinds of methods and agents have already been scientifically tested and used. Untested methods emerging patients may be harmed. To confirm this is not possible. 'Scientists alternative unaware' as there is a perception. Yet alternatives we know most. Because we know, 'User' I would warn.'re not talking because it is not worth talking about. people involved, 'What shall we eat, what shall we drink?' he says. these kind of things people unnecessarily is causing stress. Activities prove a substance not an alternative as to offer, terrorism is no different. Activity unsubstantiated things alternatives present it to the patient's treatment to risk is. You also from terrorism is no different. Turkey, unfortunately, this issue related applications was missing. many ingredients for Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry license from the taking of medication as were offered. Internet and television ads wrong orientations was causing. these types of products to be ineffective as patient financial losses in yaþatýyordu. done editing in front of them could be passed"was the answer.

"Quit smoking"
in cancers of the digestive system Referring to Prof. diet. Dr.. Yalcin,"To protect from cancer consulted for a uniform method of feeding, more harm than benefits it brings. Single type of diet of no use. Cancer To protect from just eat the broccoli such as specific diet to cancer, no benefit is not available. Cancer protection primarily to stop smoking. Smoking does cancer by 30 percent rate is reduced. example, in Turkey the number of 150 thousand to 100 thousand cases of cancer if falls,"he said.
in Istanbul"counterfeit drug operations by the police what do you think about?"Prof. question. Dr.. Yalcin,"in Turkey under the stairs product also issue we know that. This is just cancer drugs not related but the problem of counterfeit drugs is not an issue, illegal drug problem. Threads important but panic will not have a case. Patients, 'I wonder if the wrong type of medication I use?' so anxious not. Expected side effects and drug effects we drug using them is used to empathize. Specific effects impossible to understand. Own our patients such ineffectiveness case we have not seen. Patients fear shipped's no need to,"he replied.
types of cancer region about the announcement, Professor . Dr.. Yalcin,"digestive system cancers percent of all cancers account for 20. Our country, the most common colon cancer is seen. Second place with stomach cancer is coming. Digestive system cancers, Turkey's most Erzurum and Van, in eastern provinces is seen. This is because these Due to last very long in the provinces of winter salt Embedding of certain foods. A further effect of the fruits and vegetables consumed less,"he said.

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