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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2013, Salı 11:07

Donmez Karsu CRR'da will perform for the first time (Private)

Donmez Karsu CRR'da will perform for the first time (Private)
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Donmez Karsu of Turkish origin living in the Netherlands last year, his first album after singer continues to tour in the world.

23-year-old artist, the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Morocco, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, followed by concerts will be on stage for the first time on 25 October Cemal Resit Rey. Artist Donmez, will give a concert in Turkey very excited because for the first time, he said.

Turkey Capital in Amsterdam, the last rehearsal before the concert, the young artist, Cihan News Agency said. Donmez representing 13 countries within six months of that concert,"Cemal Resit Rey Concert on October 25 will give. Really very beautiful and a famous salon. Concerts found out that there is a very famous people. I am very happy and proud because of this situation."she said.

Karsu Donmez continued a successful career in the Netherlands, the new album"Confession"from the first album last year (2012) has won the admiration of music lovers came, he said.

Karsu Donmez, Turkish-German communities, given to those who contribute to the cohesion and the provision of cultural interaction Plattino won the Award. For which it is extremely important that the prize Plattino Donmez,"This award is an indication that I'm on the right track in my music. My career a new impetus. Now indisputable fact that the universality of music. Başarabiliyorsam how happy it as a Dutch Turkish artist."she said.

'Music for me everything,' said the Karsu Donmez, also met former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Queen Beatrix'le and said they liked the music.

Hatay was the daughter of a worker's family to the Netherlands Karsu Donmez, was born in 1990 in Amsterdam. Not yet 17 years old, took the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2007. Despite his young age, his music became famous in Holland Dönmez Karsu 23-year-old's life was a Dutch documentary. In this documentary, his father's restaurant in Amsterdam, as well as playing the piano and singing waitresses make sections include Dönmez life.

Donmez Karsu CRR'da will perform for the first time (Private)" comments for.


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