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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:23

Double Shooting Cup in Aydin

Double Shooting Cup in Aydin
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Air Weapons Republic Cup athletes representing Aydin in Turkey turned to two Championship trophy .

Aydın news: Photo Shooting and Hunting Federation of activities 2014 Air Weapons program located in the Republic of Turkey Cup Championship 27-was held between October 29 2014 in Mersin . Participation in competitions held in Turkey in general was very intense. 14 rifles and two pistols category of which is represented by a total of 16 athletes to compete in Aydin, providing the most participation in the Air Weapons Republic Cup became a province .
Stars Women's Rifle Team Gokce Icon Arslan, Göksun Libby Arslan and Nurbah Khan team event for women, Turkey became the champion. Stars Men's Rifle Team Tahsin Gültepe, Hamitc the ear and Solomon olcak case Varsity Boys team has achieved the Third Turkey . Stars Women's category in Turkey 3rd place in the heavens by Icon Arslan National Team threshold has succeeded in the past called for the national team . Although he died Tahsin from Aydınlı participating in the Photo Contest athlete Gültepe 10 days before his father , sports a victim of his beloved and for his teammates even in the hot days to avoid participating in the competition was the 5 th Turkey . Shooting began to branch covered summer sports schools attended four athletes in the championship. Entering 14 of the first 15 of the participating athletes has scored a great success. Photo Shooting and Hunting Provincial Representative Cahit Sabancı International Shooting Coaches Fatma Erdogan and winning athletes of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Zeynel Akin in his office visit he . who made ​​a statement on the visit of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Photo Zeynel Akin ; \"First of all I would like to thank championships participating in all our athletes and my coach too Fatma Erdogan. You have us as usual, still proud. This is a picture of success we are used to . In Shooting branch Turkey in all competitions conducted in general we're back always with great success. Photo also successful athlete Tahsin Gültepe's father joining although he died about 10 days before the championships we have shown a great vefakarlık to . I wish condolences to him again. Photo Write sport to participate in the championship of our school to join the four athletes us also proud. purpose of children and youth in sport because as summer schools enjoy this steer them to sports, to train professional athletes and to create the sports culture in society. as in other branches carry out the purpose of the summer sports school atıcılılık branch made ​​us proud . shooting coach Fatma Erdogan , the largest share in this success congratulations . to success as a result of a disciplined and planned work transports . It always has, as we will continue to give in to support as much as shooting branch we can we give to each branch , \"he said . Photo Shooting and Hunting Provincial Representative Cahit Sabancı said,\"As usual our participating athletes representing our province to achieve still outstanding success was us proud . Provincial Director of us who support our contribution in this success is very much endless . That has given all kinds of material and moral support of Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director of Zeynel thank you very much again for Akin , \"he said .


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