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  • 29 Aralık 2013, Pazar 11:29

Dr.. Baki:"Why is Cancer More Salty Foods"

Dr.. Baki:
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Trabzon Special Imperial Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Dr.

Trabzon news: Trabzon Special Imperial Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Dr. Abdul-Baki, stomach cancer, early diagnosis is very important in treating the disease, he said.
fatigue, bleeding in the stomach or intestines to be noted that the symptoms of the disease include Dr. Bakir, said :"E while in gastric cancer have any complaints not. Advanced gastric cancer patients in their half palpate a mass felt. Stomach pain in the stomach are aggravated sensation, loss of appetite and consequently weight loss occurrence (severe and soon revealed) after dinner discomfort and stomach distention. Nausea, vomiting, stomach cancer, people with a large proportion of anemia is also seen. fatigue, stomach or intestine bleeding at (hidden so you can watch)"taken excessive amounts of salt to stomach cancer ground Noting that Dr. prepare. Baki said :"F with less salt, pickles and foods hot consumption, fatty foods, carbonated beverages, foods smoky cooking every day, smoking savory buttermilk stomach cancer risk 1.8, salted butter 1.5, salty If the core increases 1.3 times."
pointed out that it is possible to protect against stomach cancer DR. Baki, vegetable and fruit consumption (vitamin C) should be increased, he said.
Cooked food in the smoke to be harmful that Dr.. Maintenance,"in the baked foods smoke harmful to the stomach and cancerous nitrosamines, which are increasing,"he said.
Glut of eating is harmful to the stomach reminded Dr. Baki said :"T two meals is harmful to the stomach. Dining in the early postoperative period of digestion, increased complaints of discomfort and leads to reflux and obesity increases."
Cooked food should be consumed immediately pointed out that, if possible, DR. Baki, said continued :"P bitten meals if possible fresh should be eaten several times a refrigerator be put in after the removal of food on the growth of bacteria and food poisoning table can be. Acidic drinks stomach in a negative impact. Stomach contents secretion highly acidic , acidic juices, these rates increased to various complaints and stomach diseases or complaints increase, and disease progression (ulcer) causes. real fruit juices in vitamin C through the stomach is useful for."
providing information on the symptoms of bowel cancer DR. Baki, said continued :"B a if cancer in the initial stages, abdominal fullness, mild pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, and diarrhea occur. Constipation can. Use drugs despite constipation may continue. At this stage bowel yet has not narrowed and symptoms of bowel cancer for the diagnosis is not enough. initial stage is not detected in colon cancer-that often in our country at this stage, consult with your doctor is not undetectable-progress and large intestine begins to narrow. continuous abdominal pain and recent bowel obstruction occurs. progression of the disease with fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite evident. anemia occur and the patient's colors solar, advanced stage bowel, cancer is at the point of rupture."
Alcohol and smoking causes cancer of the bowel is an expression that Dr. Care, prevention listed the :"45 years after the regular colonoscopic controls (polyps early arrest causes) use alcohol to, to smoke. Red meat consumption, the amount of fat to reduce obesity to avoid. Fibrous foods to consume disease in the protection of plays an important role."

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