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  • 27 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 15:37

Dr. Bone:\"In Turkey, every year nearly 2 million are in need of blood \"

Dr. Bone:\
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Mersin Public Health Director Dr.

Mersin news: Mersin Public Health Director Dr. Aytekin bone , blood constantly needs expressed that , \"In Turkey, every year nearly 2 million blood are in need , and these need a large portion of the patients, their relatives in an emergency is provided. However donations if done your emergency is not necessary ,\"he said .
Okatan Kadir , Deputy Governor of Mersin , Public Health Director Dr. Aytekin Bone and Provincial Health Director Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal succeed , regular blood donation in order to emphasize the importance of human life in the Red Crescent Blood Center blood donation made ​​. Commenting on the importance of blood donation , Dr. Aytekin bone , blood, tissue outside the body is not produced , the only source said that the current healthy donors . Blood components, shelf life is short so regular blood donations needed , indicating that bone , \"accidental injuries, the body's blood does not produce or surgery because blood is needed. Turkey each year nearly 2 million blood are in need , and these need a large part of the patient relatives in an emergency is provided. however donations if done in an emergency to be searched is not required. 50 kilograms , on the 18-65 age range , located in infectious diseases or risk not every person can donate blood . healthy individuals in boys donation interval of 90 days is one. Women the donation interval is 120 days , \"he said .
\" healthy people 2 times a year to donate blood to meet the needs COUNTRY ENOUGH \"
all healthy people to donate 2 times a year if the countries stressed the need can be met entirely Bone , \"despite this, the number of people donating blood on a regular basis quite small. blood donation , perhaps the most important point is that social assistance . Blood donor provides the spiritual satisfaction , recognize donors to save a person's life would be happy . The most important benefit is the patient . Besides, donated blood in the blood fat ratio decline , bone marrow adiposity prevention and continuous production of blood kept alive , the blood donation, the new cells immediately circulated joining people feel more alert , heart attack possibility of a decrease in the body's toxic disposal of , the donor headaches , stress , high blood pressure , fatigue, discomfort, such as the elimination of contribution is stated that \"he said .
\"My blood group is very based group , there is no need \"thinking in society frequent noted that the Bone ,\"blood groups according to the frequency in proportion used for patients of blood groups in the needs are concentrated . Not occur awareness and donations in this way , even when considering the needs of the most commonly found in blood group is increasing. Not donate blood who are undecided about our citizens , near the emergency blood needs of people living stress feeling and tomorrow maybe bleed urgent needs of the person themselves or their relatives likely to be much away in that to forget , in the shortest time blood donors to support the hope that you will . It should be noted that the most reliable volunteers with blood, save lives , but conscious, and regular donations of money possible by waiting , \"he said .

Dr. Bone:\"In Turkey, every year nearly 2 million are in need of blood \"" comments for.


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