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  • 05 Eylül 2014, Cuma 16:30

Dr. Bone:\"Physical Inactivity is responsible for 6 percent of deaths world-wide \"

Dr. Bone:\
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Mersin Public Health Director Dr.

Mersin news: Mersin Public Health Director Dr. Aytekin Bone in the world, cardiovascular diseases , cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases each year, 35 million people lost their lives , adding that \"Made in health research across our country women , 87 percent of men, while 77 percent adequate physical activity does . in particular, physical inactivity is responsible for 6 percent of deaths worldwide, \"he said. Commenting on
Public Health Week by Dr. Aytekin bone , on this important week and mobilizing community wellness , healthy lifestyles and are intended to be embraced by all individuals , he said. In this way, adversely affecting reducing risk factors , early diagnosis and timely treatment of thousands of people life away and in great pain prevented would be possible to stating Bone , \"the world of cardiovascular diseases , cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases each year, 35 million people are killed . However, non-contagious this disease is preventable . heart disease , stroke , type 2 diabetes , 80 percent of cancer and one third of the more than a healthy lifestyle by adopting avoidable . to do this, tobacco and alcohol use , to healthy eating , physical activity increase is necessary. done in health research in our country women across 87 percent of men, while 77 per cent of adequate physical activity are determined to have , \"he said.
\" physical inactivity WORLDWIDE percent of deaths 6 S iS RESPONSIBLE FOR \"
especially physical inactivity worldwide deaths of 6 percent is responsible for emphasizing the Bone ,\"breast and colon cancer per cent of 21 to 25 , diabetes 27 percent and heart disease by 30 percent'are shown as the main cause of physical inactivity . One of the leading causes of obesity are physical inactivity . Obesity trend has become alarming , especially our children . A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health of our children in the 6-11 age group revealed that 58.4 percent do not exercise regularly . Children in this age group in our TV, computer, internet, homework , course work still to be determined that the average time is 6 hours . Rapidly increasing childhood obesity in our country in order to avoid feeding our children healthy and orderly , computer and television at the beginning of a long period of time to take the place of sports and physical activity are major responsibility to the family . Families of children to serve as examples for health movement become a leader in the hope that , \"he said .
depression reduction, bone health , muscle strength and cardio-respiratory capacity for the development of adult individuals every day for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity proposing underlined that the bone , the description said:\"The hygiene rules that failure preventable diseases cause is known. The promotion of community hygiene is considered as an important preventive health services . Hygiene words , healthy environment in order to protect the removal of all kinds of diseases are defined as factors . In providing the most basic rules of hygiene , with the right method is to wash your hands . Hand washing , protect the health of the individual and society in terms of a simple, inexpensive , can be applied by all sections of society and is an extremely effective method . Our hands are in constant contact with the environment which is carried by bacteria from a cold or flu , hepatitis A, Avian Influenza may lead to the development of many diseases such as lethal . Effective hand hygiene in each case be obtained by applying the washing technique . Proper hand washing techniques that can be implemented in just 30 seconds , with the outbreak of contagious and can be taken against many diseases . Therefore, we should wash our hands frequently during the day . \"

Dr. Bone:\"Physical Inactivity is responsible for 6 percent of deaths world-wide \"" comments for.


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