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  • 11 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 09:49

Dr. Cem Yilmaz A New Hope Breast Cancer

Dr. Cem Yilmaz A New Hope Breast Cancer
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A new hope for breast cancer patients patching titanium increases the success of breast cancer treatment .

İstanbul news: A new hope for breast cancer patients patching titanium increases the success of breast cancer treatment .
in Germany, widely practiced in Turkey and in patients being implemented titanium patching breast cancer surgery success in increasing patients new hope is happening .
with breast cancer and high breast cancer risk in patients among the people'Angelina Jolie'surgery , breast surgery, intra-discharge aesthetic results while increasing titanium patch application , in breast cancer patients allows larger areas to be cleaned . Based in Italy and Germany , the European Senoloj ( Breast Diseases ) Open Academy faculty member . Dr. Cem Yılmaz , they offer common use facilities in Germany eaos \"titanium patch\"application is now being implemented in Turkey in patients , he said.
Performed surgery using titanium patch applied is 5 years in Germany, stating that Dr. Cem Yilmaz , after receiving the approval of the patch in Turkey , Plastic Surgery Specialist Dr. Abdullah Etöz were performed in 13 patients with and the results were extremely successful , he said . Center in Italy and Germany at the European Academy of Science Teaching Breast Op. Dr. Cem Yılmaz , the last 5 years in Germany, more than 500 patients successfully implemented stated that the titanium patch technique , the patient's nipple should be taken in patients with breast again about making a very serious provide facilities , he said.
With breast cancer or at risk women , this technique safely indicating that the applicant , Dr. Cem Yilmaz and Dr. Abdullah Etöz new breast made ​​demand women who practice on the following warnings were found:\"Re breast creation surgery wrong in technical applications the patient's future treatment also at risk may be . Example, silicone implants breast-conserving surgical technique is used with is extremely wrong . Additionally , radiation therapy likely to be in patients with silicone implants , radiation owing by the body rejecting the possibility of 53 percent and that silicone implants necessarily placed under the muscle should be . \"
Titanium patch technique patients treated two of these techniques due to irradiation released from their early diagnosis because the stating that they only be treated with an oral drug treatment Yilmaz, oncoplastic surgical techniques in operative time with the development of applications of titanium patch also added that 25 per cent shorter .

Dr. Cem Yilmaz A New Hope Breast Cancer" comments for.


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