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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 10:49

Dr. . Cetin:\"Midwifery Profession is Important to Society \"

Dr. . Cetin:\
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Aydın Provincial Director of Health Exp .

Aydın news: Aydın Provincial Director of Health Exp . Dr. . November Cetin, \"Our midwife holds an important place in our health system , women in all matters offers training and consulting services ,\"he said .
May 5 due to World Midwives Day makes a statement Dr . November Cetin, in the world of health care delivery is one of the most difficult and the most honorable jobs , he said. Good health is not an employee on the basis of human love or stating Cetin, \"such a difficult task, a great love and enthusiasm fulfilling the health of our employees through the health system to this day has come . Should not forget that the sophistication of the best indicators one is health. Countries in recent years provision of health services experienced in with positive developments in the health sector many achievements obtained are evident. this aspect of our country other countries of the world appreciate collect and are examples. All over the world , as well as in our country the family to protect health and to heal an important mission undertaken obstetrics, the history of the oldest and most sacred professions is one of this study. every year midwifery noted the importance of the profession in the problems and solutions to discuss the May 5th world midwives Day'is celebrated as \"he said .
in health services of midwives an important mission to fulfill Pointing Cetin,\"our health system is very Our midwife holds an important place , as the guardian of women's health and women working on all kinds of offers training and consulting services . Babies need human life both in terms of maternal health , prenatal, during and after the birth of the health services and healthy generation has an important role in cultivating points . Now for all nations of the world vital task of raising a healthy generation in social life, the need for midwives is increasing every passing day . The most important development of the country one of the criteria is the number of maternal and infant mortality . When viewed from this perspective , in terms of community importance and value of the profession of midwifery is much better understood. Health Organization's constantly changing and developing services approach, the mission successfully continued , working in intensive tempo and a new generation emerge that helps in all midwives our May 5th World Midwives Day is celebrated , in professional life success , in their private lives happily'm sorry , \"he said . < Br/>

Dr. . Cetin:\"Midwifery Profession is Important to Society \"" comments for.


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