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  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 14:14

Dr. Coates:\"Cancer with Black Core Protection of Grapes \"

Dr. Coates:\
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Adana news: Dr. Omer Coskun , rapidly growing cancer in the world drawing attention to the \"black core grapes protected from cancer ,\"he said .
Most serious diseases such as cancer of plant varieties that are successful against expressed by Dr. Coskun, \"Plant the active ingredients cancer cells and can fight . Or in this war give examples in the thymus perforin a protein called there . These proteins is going cancer cells to the wall of sticks that cells can destroy . Here in this war aid need,\"he said.
Dr . Coskun, some people do wrong by eating the core of black seeds of grapes , he said. At the core of black currant , arguing that the wisdom of Dr. Omer Coskun , said:
\"Core in the resveratrol, a substance called cancer tremendously acts . Cancer patients especially important formula want to remind you . Morning, half a kilo of fresh black core of grapes in the mixer core with pull then water three sip 10 minute break , repeat three sip a 10-minute breaks. such a two-hour consumed and your stomach get to . because fasting is taken from the stomach more quickly absorbed and from the intestine through the kidneys into the blood provides. these formulas are incredibly effect. doing so the in normal people would have taken a great antioxidant to the body , and please do so at least 21 days . 2-3 days because when you do you can see the full effect . \"

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