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  • 24 Aralık 2013, Salı 09:43

Dr.. Coates:"Sugar Patients should consume Black Cumin"

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Dr.. Omer Coskun, overcome with diabetes due to insulin resistance in the body to consume nigella suggested.
of Nigella attracted a lot of attention in modern medicine is one of the few plants that transfers the DR. Coskun,"Diseases on the impact of hundreds of experiments was conducted and dozens still continues. So much research and experimentation always a positive result and each time centuries before decreed and securities with newly agreed 'death to someone else is healing' hadith has been reached. However, it is interesting still hundreds of these Despite working mechanism of action of black seed is still not fully resolved,"he said.
DR. Omer Coskun, regularly nigella consuming a diabetic sugar to a decrease in the future, adding that"Hemoglobin a1c's black cumin Thanks returns to normal. Nigella diabetics improves. Nigella oil to soup, salad, 1 dessert spoon should be placed. 20th day benefits is seen. Nigella oil a spoon taken a pound of black seed has been eaten would be. Both beta cells regenerate. the body's insulin resistance beats. all diabetics black seed oil I would recommend. diabetic patients, the most important feature tiredness. At this point, black seed oil I propose,"he spoke.

Dr.. Coates:"Sugar Patients should consume Black Cumin"" comments for.


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