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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:50

Dr. . Nail Ündağ ; \"Our Midwife essentials of our Health System \"

Dr. . Nail Ündağ ; \
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Nazilli State Hospital administrator Dr .

Aydın news: Nazilli State Hospital administrator Dr . Nail Ündağ , May 5, World Midwives Day was due to make a statement .
of midwives of the health system is indispensable that Dr. . Nail Ündağ ; \"Midwifery profession's importance to draw attention to the world and in our country each year on May 5th World Midwives Day is celebrated as. Health foundation , pregnancy and childbirth are discarded and healthy families are the key . Whole families around the world to protect health and to raise employee midwifery profession, uploaded this important mission community, with the indispensable occupations takes place between . Midwifery's oldest profession is one of the midwives and our country in every corner of the villages , cities and often under difficult conditions our people serve . maternal and Child Health services in conjunction with prenatal childbirth, and the postpartum period the mother and infant care services providing midwifery , new creatures come to the world to help , labor pain a mother who suffered the pain go away and family demands and the highly awaited one to ensure participation in society a respectable place has . heavy sacrifices in their duties and responsibilities to fulfill midwives , health is one of the indispensable elements of our system , \"he said .
' should be given to our EBE '
DR . Ündağ in Turkey in the rate of maternal and infant mortality, height , employment is due to the inadequacy of the number of midwives , midwifery profession can not be sufficiently understood the importance of specifying ; \"In our country, midwifery , until 1909, from mother to daughter said , manners and based on experience as a profession has been seen . That time, education will require an area of ​​expertise as non-midwifery today, in the same way due consideration does not have . Yet midwife , primary health care an important role in have . should be given to our midwife , \"he said .

Dr. . Nail Ündağ ; \"Our Midwife essentials of our Health System \"" comments for.


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