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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:34

Dr. Smaller than the Organ Donation Invitation

Dr. Smaller than the Organ Donation Invitation
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Elbistan County Health Director Dr.

Kahramanmaraş news: Mustafa Murat Küçük , a statement due November 3 to 9 Organ Donor Week, citizens are invited to organ donation .
\"Of organ donation , while a person's life, the tissues and organs after the end of medically life with free will to be used for the treatment of other patients is not allowed , \"said Dr. Murat Küçük , \"The Organ Transplantation , instead of an organ can not fulfill its function in the body of live or fresh from the cadavers , transmitting with a solid organ surgery is the process ,\"he said . Providing information on the Photo organ donation , Dr. Murat Küçük , said:Photo \"According to the 2238 law no older than 18 years and mentally able to forgive all of the people who displaced organ or part . 2238 No.'Organ and Tissue Removal, Storage , About Vaccination and Transplantation of the Law according to ;'If anyone is the entire body in health or tissue , treatment , diagnostics and scientific he left for such purposes has not set a formal or written devise or if explanations before the request of two witnesses on this issue in order spouse, minor children , one of the main or father or brother , who are missing as well as any a close of be dead from the organs and tissues with consent . on the contrary, if a will or declaration , the cornea can be obtained from the tissues to make a change on their bodies like . dead , health in itself, has indicated his opposition to organ or tissue removal after the death of organs and tissues can not be'. organ donation:Health the Directorate , in Organ Transplantation Author Central , in hospitals , in the Police Department ( during the license purchase ) foundations interested in organ transplantation , associations and so on. organizations involved in the organ donation process can be done . the Organ Donor Card Photo organ donation is enough to be able to fill in and sign before the 2 witnesses. Organ donations of those who , in this case to inform the families will be useful later to avoid problems that may arise . Confusion of those who have organ donation Organ Donor Card always next move will allow the organ donation process and to be replaced without delay. Should quit being move up as soon as the person organ donation Organ Donor Card and must notify this decision to the family. \"

Dr. Smaller than the Organ Donation Invitation" comments for.


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