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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 10:55

Dried Fruits drew attention in China Market

Dried Fruits drew attention in China Market
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Turkey's traditional export products, seedless raisins, dried figs, dried apricots and pistachios was sections exporters eye Chinese market .

Aydın news:
Turkey's traditional export products, seedless raisins, dried figs, dried apricots and pistachios on new export markets trying to find Dried Fruit Promotion Group, 1 billion 300 million people world's most populous country China market focused on . Sector for the year 2023 as determined 4 billion export target for the Chinese market gives great importance .
Chinese Turkish dried fruits interest in each passing day, indicating increased Dried Fruit Promotion Group Chairman Osman Extract in China last process in Shanghai, Beijing and Xiamen I walked in their promotional activities in the coming period , China's entire resume in the idea that they will be .
China not only as a country , not a continent evaluate stated that the Self, \"In China, we carry out promotional work to achieve success in a Chinese consulting firm want to work with . past years, the International Olive Oil Council and the California Almond Board of China promotional activities conducted , Hill + Knowlton Strategies firm agreement with the stage came . deal if we in the Chinese market more organized promotional activities by making our exports would like to increase , \"he said .
Turkish dried fruit sector's traditional export markets of the European Union's population is an older population may show a limited increase in exports to EU countries KMTG describing President Özer said ; \"Dried Fruit Promotion Group , the dried fruit consumption is limited but do promotional activities , when consumption may rise in China, Japan , Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil , India and markets concentrates want to . 2,023 years for the dried fruit industry as determined by the $ 4 billion in export figure in new markets position by strengthening our reach we know . \"
CHINA'< strong> e DRIED FIG EXPORTS iN 4 YEARS 32 TON fROM 2 thousand 341 tons OUTPUT
there is intense interest in China , especially in dried figs . In 2010, our exports to China only 32 tons of dried figs , while the end of 2013 reached 2 thousand 341 tons . About 142 tonnes of dried apricot exports , output of 340 tons . Via Hong Kong and Vietnam, a significant amount of dried fruit exports to China is happening .

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