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  • 19 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 12:19

Drops in the Under Control

Drops in the Under Control
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Australian scientists who drops of water and created a new material that prevents slipping from the surface.

Its façade resemble raspberries because of the"raspberry particles called"the new material using a material drops of water on the sliding surfaces, even in cases falling blocks turned down.

nano technology new material formed with the help of some high-tech medical tests, making it cheaper and easier than providing simple tools, aircraft cabins to reduce condensation with so many user's area.

they developed"raspberry particles"strips of adhesive tape for the water almost as a sign to see the task of researchers who, with the help of new material the remaining dry forever, never require cleaning or bacteria-repellent, mildew and fungi pointed out to design surfaces that do not allow. The researchers adjusted the structure of the water to spread more rapidly in case of change of the same material, fast-drying will help cool the walls and roofs of houses quickly drew attention to be used in the design.

a new material developed by researchers from the University of Sydney on the scientific study published in the scientific journal Chemistry of Materials from.

who authored the study, Dr. School of Chemistry University of Sydney, who led a delegation of writing. Andrew Telford, new materials, surfaces capable of retaining water drops thanks to its special structure by imitating the structure of petals of roses yapıldığınıı said. Telford, the research team, the material in question"raspberry particles"laboratory, round form of micro-and nano-achieved by bringing together the particles to form the structure of the help they noted that the rose petal.

Telford emphasized the fact that the commercial potential of the material, which allows the preparation of the scientific work of the first discovery of raspberry industrial scale particles said. Telford, "Now that the particles without the need for special production facilities and tools being in a position to be able to supply large quantities of" he said.

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