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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:45

Dual Citizenship victory of Turks in Germany

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In Germany, there was consensus on the coalition agreement.

In Germany, there was consensus on the coalition agreement. Located between the major topic of discussion at the option of dual citizenship model is removed. Accordingly, born and raised in Germany to Turkish immigrants will be granted dual citizenship. Christian Union parties (CDU/CSU) and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) at the summit, the coalition agreement was agreed upon. 17.5 in the final round of time on the clock, minimum wages, pension improvement, dual citizenship, toll charges and energy policy compromise was reached on such materials. Contract draft the details of today at noon explained Informing, party representatives meeting after completion of the consensus that some explanations were found.
First in the statements made, coalition bargaining the thorniest issues between the dual citizenship agreement on provision was announced. Social Democratic Party on dual citizenship request was partially met. SPD, immigrant citizenship of young people reach a certain age when they select one of the two countries would have to remove the requirement. After tough bargaining and growing children born in Germany to choose between two citizenship requirement has been removed. However, dual citizenship to include all immigrants in general was not accepted.
Consensus on issues of raising taxes in Germany until 2015, and the reset of the state's debt. In addition, the Social Democratic Party on most of the issues that insisted there was consensus in the minimum wage. The minimum hourly wage is 8.50 euros and up to the end of 2016 it was decided to put into practice. In addition to mothers who have children before 1992, agreement was reached on the binding of motherhood retirement. This application is expected to be launched in July of 2014. In retirement he wanted was the junior coalition partner. 45 years without deduction from the salary of employees 63 years old and will be retired.
In the coalition agreement, the two parties agreed pricing of highways Another article was reported. Of the toll is expected to be enacted in 2014.
Parties, the agreement on the budget allocation for education has enabled more. Municipalities and training support will be provided to the institute. Future legislative period, the promotion of education additional budget allocation of 23 billion euros was agreed.
After hours of negotiations embodied in the coalition agreement, have set new goals for energy policy. Use of renewable energy by 2020, 45 per cent share of total consumption is expected to be removed. By 2030 this ratio to 55 to 60 percent, raising agents on consensus among.
Distribution of ministries in a new coalition government and outside the speculation on possible names made a clear statement. Social Democratic Party is expected to take six ministries. List of Council of Ministers of the coalition agreement between the Social Democratic Party members will be announced after the vote. Party management, coalition protocol had decided to submit to the vote of the party's base.

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