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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:01

Duba , Advertising Signs And Sail Flag Are Gathering

Duba , Advertising Signs And Sail Flag Are Gathering
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In Nazilli which causes visual pollution , threatening the barge traffic and pedestrian safety , gathering and sailing flags advertising signs .

Aydın news: Photo Nazilli marketplace, streets , boulevards and streets provide visual pollution , threatening the barge traffic safety and pedestrian safety , advertising signs and advertising flags Nazilli Removing Municipal Police Department teams . Intense complaints from citizens who have difficulty walking on the sidewalk and the 2918 Police regulations of the Traffic Act and with the collection of signs based on the authority given by the relevant laws visual pollution while avoiding traffic and pedestrian safety is already being provided. Municipal Manager Erkan Özdemir , wants to apply to municipal business will make advertising work, laws and city where aesthetics improperly thereafter the county's sign placed at various points also removed and if so, signs the company that puts announced that it would impose criminal process .
Before paving occupations on the measures being taken and warnings required for trades that do not comply with these measures taken , and that has continued to make the criminal proceedings Nazilli Mayor Haluk recipient , \"sidewalk, street and road signs, buoys advertising flags and their minds according to the traffic funnel put trades prior warns , the artisans who ignore the warning signs, buoys and funnels are collected by our Police team. in particular, the city is much more than signage prevents as well as sidewalk and street traffic of visual pollution in the center . in order to prevent invasions of and in the streets, pavements , visual pollution, forming , as well as strong winds and stormy days in people's lives that threaten the safety and the advent of a nicely placed advertising signs and totems in control of our Police Department , the Municipality removed by our team , \"he said .

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