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  • 09 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 12:19

Dubbed the Sun's son Turkish Artists Great Interest in Budapest

Dubbed the Sun's son Turkish Artists Great Interest in Budapest
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The world in the arts community'Son of the Sun'referred as artist Ahmet Güneştekin showing great interest in Budapest .

Budapeşte news: From 20 countries, 100 artists with the participation of the Hungarian capital Budapest organized Art Market Budapest International Contemporary Art Fair 15 works joined with Ahmet Güneştekin , Hungarian media and the Hungarian art community focus of attention was .
Turkey in recent years with success talked move with the Rose Art Gallery exhibiting the same fair last year , Ahmet Güneştekin \"Opening Doors to the Sun \"masterpiece work of the attention was fixating . Valued at over 2 million euros, the interest shown in this work, then re-invited to the fair Güneştekin his 15 works inspired by Mesopotamian region in Budapest brought together the arts community . Rose Art competent Kemal Medium, until October 13 , which runs the fair, Ahmet Güneştekin the work except for the world-famous Hungarian artist Istvan Orosz's works exhibited , he said.
About the fair as in statements Ahmet Güneştekin past year, this fair''Sun Opening Doors'work with the participating again after the invitation they received , Rose Art house this exhibition rejoin that the Hungarian media , as well as exhibiting artists and art homes with great interest , he said. Güneştekin in last 5 years of his different periods and 15 works by participating in the exhibition , the world accepted art language that a unique style is considered and the works of any art movements connect to the voiced . Güneştekin'world art community and commentators to me the history of art through the endless , any art movement being influenced an original artist considered''he said.
World art community itself result in'Son of the Sun'also to the question of If in the works of the sun as a reference that the sun's birthplace , religions, languages ​​and civilizations outlet Mesopotamia is , itself, it tracks down an artist that said Ahmed Güneştekin ,''this journey a long journey. I was born and began geography around the world looking for sun, rich culture , colors , stories , culture'm carrying dictionary . Sun identify with because , even a French critic Stefani Pio, a sun circle heir called he took me , and that makes me happy,'he said.
Trade , Turkish lineup left alone MÜSIAD Hungary Representatives Fadil is awesome , Turkish modern art world-renowned name ahmet Güneştekin in Hungary are proud to welcome him in Hungary is of great interest , that opens the second exhibition in a year and wished them success , he said.

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