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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:52

Due Investigative Judgment was given for the Tour Offered Doctor

Due Investigative Judgment was given for the Tour Offered Doctor
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Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES) Branch Chairman Yalcin happy, Berk participate in the investigation on the grounds that the mandatory retirement Elven action then separated by Dr.

Eskişehir news: Muharram said Senel's been wronged . Photo Muharram Senel that as a physician's pressure and left the public because of the investigation , but that later this investigation is closed Happy, \"Did you will retire if not criminal ? Did another with or to send a temporary assignment to the hospital ? Why just Muharram Senel \"he asked ? Photo popular and respected physician who Muharram Senel is nothing to lose but said Happy are voicing lose Eskişehirlilerin:Photo \"Thus it is separated from the public more valuable than a physician. such management is possible. these institutions are the property of the people. you are sitting in that seat and we'll get fuller salary and the taxes they have paid in . these seats can not be used like that. the investigation should be opened to this application because the hospital administrator. \"Photo Meanwhile Travel killed during the action of Berk as well as across the country to Elven Yunus Emre State Hospital employees who participated in the actions of Muharram in Eskisehir Operator Doctor Senel about the investigation has been completed. because Photo investigation retiring Dr. Muharram Senel investigation results were communicated in writing. Eskisehir Province in writing of the Police Department of Public Hospitals Association Yunus Emre State Hospital management because of the article of the General Secretariat \"Eskisehir because of your participation in activities organized under the Resistance Forums name'damaging public property-intentional injury-duty to resist to make ( the officer strength ) , damaging property , Law No. 2911 on Meetings and Demonstrations opposition because verbs \"was reported to result in a disciplinary investigation . Hospital manager Op Mind the article sent by Ergun's signature , \"in The investigation results , you must be mentioned , organized by the keske connected SOUND union you are a member participated in outside business hours to walk and it was understood that there's any action against the alleged offense to you , in terms of discipline about you need to make any transactions is unprecedented , \"said. Photo SES members and Disciplinary Board Chairman Muharrem Senel about the union's decision with the investigation into the union because of the actions that many citizens participated , parties and democratic mass organizations and the patient had reacted.

Due Investigative Judgment was given for the Tour Offered Doctor" comments for.


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